Evaluationg Your Recruiting Processes: The CORE Methodology

by Lamees Abourahma

Recruiting can be challenging for a lot of companies. But, for large companies, or companies experiencing a lot of fast growth, recruiting can be even tougher. With so many open positions to account for and talent to source, things can easily become inefficient as people and positions slip through the cracks.

Recruitment process outsourcing provides an alternative recruiting model where companies can outsource all or part of their recruiting process to an outside provider (a.k.a., RPO Provider). One aspect an RPO provider can help with is evaluating existing recruiting processes, and offering recommendations and innovations.

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For RPO provider, Novotus, they use an assessment method called CORE: Comprehensive Organizational Recruitment Evaluation. They applied this method in 2007 to an organization with over 5,000 employees and $1 billion annual revenue. Founded in 1989, the organization had experienced a lot of growth through mergers and acquisitions, and needed recruitment re-structure.

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"Their significant growth had led to challenges in the HR world [of the client]," said Juste Turner, Director of Client Services at Novotus."You get into hiring manager time and how many interviews they had to complete to get to the hire. [The client] needed help, and they knew that."

The CORE methodology takes a look at seven different aspects of recruitment, finds the problem areas, and comes up with recruitment RPO solutions for each of those problem areas. In the case of Novotus' client, Novotus looked at these seven areas and asked the following questions:

Recruitment innovation

  1. Organization: What's the recruiting environment? What are the goals of the organization?
  2. Workforce Planning: What tools do they have in place to help with recruiting?
  3. Recruiting Technology: What recruiting technology is the organization using?
  4. Sourcing: How are they sourcing for talent?
  5. Assessment: What assessments do they have?
  6. Process: What's the recruiting process?
  7. Metrics: Do they have metrics for measuring recruiting success? if so, what are they tracking?

"After we did that, we came back with a set of recommendations," Turner said. One of those recommendations was to reduce attrition. As in 2007, the client had a turnover rate of 45%.

"They had a challenge hiring effectively, and were losing talent very quickly," he said. Turner and Novotus also suggested the client create an employment brand to bring traffic to their career site, and to develop a requisition approval and tracking system."[The client] had no vision into how many positions were open on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis," Turner said. "They needed something to help them approve and to track those requisitions."

Although the CORE isn't the only way to evaluate recruiting processes, and Novotus isn't the only RPO company ought there, a recruitment RPO solution is a good option for those looking to outsource some or all aspects of their recruiting. An RPO company can offer something similar, determining what would be best to outsource for your particular firm, and how to solve any and all problems plaguing your recruiting processes.

Watch the RPO case study webinar.

About Novotus

Novotus (www.novotus.com) is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) organization equipped to solve any talent acquisition need from a single search, to project hiring or a full outsourcing recruiting solution. A founding member of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, Novotus is the largest RPO provider based in Texas. In the last 15 months, we’ve helped clients with thousands of hires in 39 states and seven other countries across all skills levels and industries. Proud to be the winner of the Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction award for three years running as well as The Austin Business Journal’s Top High-Tech recruiting firm.

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