Best Options for Mobile Recruiting

by Carrie Kolar

mobile_recruiting.jpgCandidates today live their lives on their phones, particularly younger or millennial candidates and job seekers. Given that the talent community already uses their phones for everything from dating to web surfing to finding out driving conditions, it makes sense to meet them where they are – on their phones. In this article, based on the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association webinar “Building Talent Communities with Content Recruiting” with speaker Joel Capperella of Joel Capperella, LLC, we take a look at the new face of recruiting technology and the best options for mobile recruiting.

Recruiting technology has historically been created to benefit the recruiters rather than the applicants. The result is a massively complex technological recruiting function that includes job boards, social media platforms, and applicant tracking systems, to merely graze the tip of the iceberg. However, we’re currently seeing a paradigm shift from technology that benefits recruiters towards an emphasis on technology and an overall recruiting process that focuses on making it easier for candidates and the talent community to find the position and employer that are right for them.

The most obvious sign of this shift is a disruption that is effecting HR and technology as a whole – mobile recruiting. Mobile recruiting is recruiting that takes place on a candidate’s phone, via recruiting apps. These apps make it easier for the talent community to connect with potential employers at their convenience, whenever and wherever works best for them. Many of these apps take a Tindr-style approach to job searching, where job seekers can swipe right or left on positions that do or do not interest them, and can connect with recruiters accordingly.

Some of best and most popular options for mobile recruiting apps include:

blonk.png jobr.png weave.png
switch.png   treatings.png

Recruiters and HR managers can post jobs and connect and chat with potential candidates via these apps, which provide access to a self-curated talent community. Mobile recruiting both gives recruiters access to new talent pools, and allows them to connect with potential candidates on the candidate’s terms. This helps recruiters become promoters of the talent community and make it easier for candidates to connect and develop their careers.

For more insights into the new world of mobile recruiting and content recruiting, listen to the RPOA webinar “Building Talent Communities with Content Recruiting.”

content recruitment  

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