New Trend in Recruiting: Project RPO

By Carrie Kolar Fri, Oct 16,2015 @ AM

The on-demand economy is thriving, and more on-demand businesses are popping up every day. Business like Uber and StyleBee and apps like OrderUp are changing the fabric of the economy, as businesses and consumers increasingly expect and demand to receive products and services on their own schedules. On-demand businesses have been mostly business to consumer instead of business to business, but the on-demand trend is slowly but surely penetrating the B2B markets. A recent Recruitment Process Outsourcing webinar entitled “Project RPO: Testing the Water with Project-Based RPO” explores how RPO can be adapted to an on-demand model, and how this on-demand or “project RPO” can benefit client organizations. In the webinar Ray Rika, the president and CEO of Accolo, provides his insight into the efficient and effective new trend in recruiting: Project RPO.

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The RPO Value Proposition Evolution

By Carrie Kolar Tue, Jul 28,2015 @ AM

Working with an RPO provider can be a transformational to your recruiting and business success. While there are immediate benefits to working with an RPO provider, the true value is revealed when you engage with them in a long term partnership. Recruiting is never a one-and-done process. It is an ongoing need, and engaging an RPO provider as a strategic partner over the long term pays dividends far beyond meeting your immediate hiring needs. The value of RPO evolves and increases over the length of your partnership in three distinct steps: immediate cost-efficiency, a longer-term positive business impact, and in the development of an overarching workforce strategy that supports your business needs and goals. Here, we’ll delve into the details of the three steps of the RPO value proposition evolution.

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Tips for a Successful Recruiting Strategy

By Carrie Kolar Mon, Feb 09,2015 @ AM

This week’s RPOA News Roundup examines the importance of strategy within the recruiting world. It introduces strategies for the coming year, strategies for hiring top candidates, how to improve your recruiting strategy with analytics, and examines the benefits of a particular recruiting strategy as we take a look at the way a strategic approach is necessary to meeting your recruitment goals.

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How Culture Makes or Breaks the Recruiting Process

By Janine Lucas Tue, Nov 18,2014 @ AM

Is your company’s culture helping or hindering you from finding the right talent? Good culture is the core of any great company and it often goes well beyond the day to day of the office environment. These articles will show you how culture can motivate talent and reduce turnover and why defining your core culture will help strengthen your company. Also included: the importance of outsourcing for an MSP – understanding ATS and why you need one today - what scares away talent in the recruiting process.

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How to Measure Your Recruiting Performance (Part 1 of 2)

By Allison Reilly Wed, Jun 25,2014 @ AM
You can't improve what you can't measure, and your recruiting performance isn't any different. Without the right recruiting metrics, your organization won't have the information it needs to assess its recruiting process and make the necessary improvements. In the first of this two-part series, we're going to show you how to measure your recruiting performance, starting with defining your goals, metrics and infrastructure.

Defining Your Goals

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Post-Recession Recruiting, Hiring Trends, and Other RPO News

By Allison Reilly Thu, May 08,2014 @ AM

Part of the reason why we do a weekly hiring and recruiting news roundup is to keep our audience abreast with some of the latest hiring and recruiting trends and discussion. What are the hot topics in the industry, topics that aren't mentioned on this blog? Are there any new research findings or strategies that the world ought to know about? This week's roundup covers some of those trends and strategies, while highlighting some of the newer challenges in RPO and human resources.

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Articles on Recruitment Process: Our Best Posts & Resources

By Allison Reilly Tue, Apr 15,2014 @ AM

Over the past couple of years, we have published nearly 200 posts on the RPO Hub, covering everything about recruitment process outsourcing from choosing a great provider to employment branding, from talent acquisition to utilizing technology, from RPO myths to RPO benefits. And this is just our blog posts! It doesn't include leadership webinars or our resource center. Within all this great information are several themes or topics that we cover regularly. This particular roundup covers the recruitment process, where we've selected our best blog posts and resources on this topic to share with you. Hopefully, there's something below that you haven't read yet.

7 Favorite Resources on Recruitment Process Outsourcing

How to Stop Bad Hiring Decisions Before They Happen -The main way to stop bad hiring decisions before they are made is to know what's causing bad hiring decisions in the first place. Too many executives take a guess at the problem and experiment with solutions, where the breakdown is really in the recruitment process.

6 Reasons Companies Outsource Recruiting - Many businesses don't specialize in hiring and recruiting, although just about every company has a recruiting function. Outsourcing your recruitment process may seem like you're giving up control of this function, but with some companies, there may not be a lot of control to begin with. Those are just a few of the 6 main reasons why companies outsource their recruiting.

Types of RPO Engagements - There are five types of recruitment process outsourcing engagements: emerging RPO, enterprise RPOshort-term RPOpoint-of-service RPO, and consulting RPO. There aren't just one or two RPO service options, and RPO providers offer a variety of services and sometimes focus on specific verticals, positions, or geographic locations. Everyone's recruitment process is different and faces a unique set of challenges, so RPO must be as flexible and unique in order to be an effective solution.

The Boardroom Recruiting Report - The recruitment process can be a huge asset for an organization, but it is also one of the costliest assets. However, if those costs are managed correctly, then recruiting can have the highest impact on revenue growth and profit margins. This hour-long webinar shows you how to manage and to calculate these costs so that you can establish the results that show the business impact of your recruitment process.

5 Easy Things to Do to Improve Your Recruiting Process - There is always a way to improve your recruiting process, even if you're already doing a great job of finding great talent and retaining them within your organization. This article lists five easy things that could be implemented today into your recruiting process that could also make a big difference in your results. One of those easy things is taking the time to test candidates. An on-the-spot demonstration of skill can show you who's telling the truth on their resume & who can work under a tight deadline.

Interview Marathons: The Recruiting Process Gone Awry - If your company is conducting interview marathons, where your candidates are going on seven, eight, or nine interviews before a decision is made, then your company is just wasting time and money. Your company's recruitment process needs desperate help, or needs to make a desperate decision about whether or not it needs additional help. Make sure you have the budget to hire someone, and knowing this before you start the recruiting process is preferable.

Amazing Stats & Charts about Candidate Sources - Is LinkedIn the way to go when it comes to social media recruiting? Should companies ignore traditional job boards like Monster and Careerbuilder for other avenues? Where are the best places to find IT talent or manufacturing talent? These questions, and more, are answered in this hour-long webinar covering the most incredible stats and charts about candidate sources. The overall message: your assumptions about the best ways to find talent are probably wrong.

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Leveraging RPO, Effective Interviews, and Other Recruiting News

By Allison Reilly Thu, Nov 14,2013 @ AM

In this week's RPO news roundup, one thing we're doing differently is including a few infographics that highlight trends and important statistics in hiring and in the workplace. News is often expressed in ways besides words, just like how determining the best candidate for the position is more than reading the words on the resume. Below are the most important and fascinating recruiting news stories from the past week.

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Types of RPO Engagements: Point-of-Service RPO (Part 3 of 5)

By Allison Reilly Tue, Sep 17,2013 @ AM

In the first two blog posts of this series we covered enterprise RPO and short-term RPO. These are two RPO engagements that are a fit for those that need help with the entire recruiting process (enterprise RPO), or those that need help for a short time period or aren't comfortable with complete outsourcing (short-term RPO). In the third part of our series on recruitment process outsourcing services and engagements, we'll cover an RPO solution, point-of-service RPO, which is perfect for those who want to outsource a specific step in the recruiting process.

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3 Main Reasons Why Hiring Decisions Go Wrong

By Allison Reilly Tue, Aug 27,2013 @ AM

When hiring, it's not about getting the candidate to accept the offer every time, it's about making the right decision with the candidate you choose to offer the position. Often times, the right decision isn't made because the time and energy is focused on simply finding a person instead of making a good choice. Or, a decision is based on assumptions and there wasn't enough strategy involved in how to make the right decision. Here are the three main reasons why hiring decisions go wrong.

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