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Writing a Great Welcome Email to New Employees

By Guest Tue, Jun 26,2018 @ AM

writing a great welcome letter

Starting a new job can be quite nerve-racking. You’re in a new environment, with new people and new expectations. Getting a welcome email from your new manager can help you feel a bit more welcome and secure in your new position. Think back to when you were just starting at the company, and what you wish you’d known before starting? Write with the purposes of welcoming and helping to orient the new hire as best as possible for that big day. Tell them a bit about yourself, and what their first day will be like. Don’t forget to get writing and editing help so you can write a professional quality email.  

Give them some direction 

Let your new employee know when their start day is, and remind them of the location. Give them a heads up about what their first day on the job will be like. Will they spend the whole day doing an orientation, or will they get a chance to get down to some real work. You can ease their mind by giving them a good idea of what to expect. “Let them know if their is anything they need to bring with them on their first day, or provide beforehand. You can also talk about what the process from new hire to experienced employee looks like. Discuss some of the reasons you are bringing them on board, and where you see them going in the company,” advises Ricky Espinoza, HR manager at EliteAssignmentHelp.

Introduce yourself

Tell the new hire a bit about yourself. Briefly talk about your progression in the company, from new hire to management. You can help ease the new employee’s mind by talking about some memories you have from your first day at the company. You really only need a few sentences to accomplish this. Be careful not to overshare, you can tell them more in person later. Let them know you are happy they are joining the team; they are making a big decision, so why not help them feel a bit more secure it. Above all, ensure you strike a welcoming tone in your email.

Use writing tools

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone, so don’t be afraid to get some help from the professionals. Here are some good resources to get you started: 

#1. Via Writing and My Writing Way - These are helpful grammar resources you can use to make sure your letter is grammatically correct. Your email is one of the first impressions your new employee will get of the company, so make sure it’s professional. 

#2. PhD Writers and BoomEssays - These are proofreading tools, reviewed by SimpleGrad in UK Writings review, you can use to make sure your letter copy is polished and free of errors.

#3. Studydemic and Academadvisor - Check out these writing blogs for ideas and tips on how to improve the quality of your welcome emails.

#4. EssayRoo and Assignment Writers - These are online editing tools, suggested by BestAustralianWriters, you can use to have your copy checked over for mistakes.

#5. State of Writing and LetsGoandLearn - These are helpful writing guides you can access for further guidance with your letter. Even experienced writers can benefit from extra help sometimes.

Sample Letter

Here’s an example template you can use if you like:

Dear Joe Smith,

Welcome aboard company ABC! We’re thrilled to add another member to our growing team.  I’m sure your experience and sense of humor will fit in well here.

I know we’ve spoken a bit in the interviewing process, but I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. One of the things I most enjoy about working for company ABC is the continuous learning I have experienced in my eight years here. I’ve become a more determined and creative person in my role, and as your manager, I’m excited to see what kind of contributions you’ll make to the company’s growth, as well as my own.

We’ll see you at the office, Monday at 9 am. We’ll start with a tour of the office so you can meet your coworkers. Then we’ll do a bit of paperwork and get you started.

You’re starting an amazing journey. I’m excited to see you grow as a new employee and learn from your coworkers. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the office,



Starting a new job can be quite stressful. There’s forms to be filled out, new people to meet, and a new job to begin navigating. A good welcome email can help a new employee feel comfortable and excited about their first day on the job. Your letter should give them a good sense of what their first day will be like, what time it will start, what they’ll be doing, and what they should bring along. You can help ease their anxieties by telling them a bit about yourself, and your journey in the company.

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