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8 Absolute Laws of Employer Branding

By Tim Plamondon Thu, Oct 01,2020 @ AM

Like marketing in general, recruitment marketing is brand building. As Al Ries and his daughter Laura Ries point out in their book 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, marketing is not about selling; it's about building brands. The Rieses are talking about building consumer brands, but recruitment marketing is about building employer brands. 

Building an employer brand for an organization can be a daunting task for internal human resources and talent acquisition teams. Bringing outside expertise on employer branding can be a strategic approach to solving this challenge, and recruitment process outsourcing providers (RPOs) are typically a great option. This post explores some of the fundamental laws of employer branding and what you can expect from an RPO partner. 

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Source or Else

By Tim Plamondon Thu, Aug 27,2020 @ AM

The legendary adman David Ogilvy had a saying, "Sell or else." He meant, if your words aren't selling, they're worthless. In talent acquisition, it's "source or else." If your organization isn't sourcing candidates all the time, you won’t be ready to hire rapidly when you need to grow your workforce.

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The Ups and Downs of Virtual Recruiting in Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

By Tim Plamondon Tue, Aug 11,2020 @ AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has made companies turn to virtual recruiting. The Acceptance of HR professionals to the changes is mixed. Pam Verhoff, President of Advanced RPO, pointed out, "Some clients are adapting better than others." While Jennifer Cooper, Senior Vice President at Hueman RPO, reported, "Most clients have quickly adapted to the virtual world."

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Talent pipeline readiness during a recession

By Tim Plamondon Thu, Jul 16,2020 @ AM

Why Building Your Talent Pipeline During an Economic Downturn is Good for Your Business.

Along with a giant cloud of unknowing, the coronavirus-induced recession has created a new work routine for industries and societies. Workers and companies found themselves adjusting to remote work and work-from-home (WFH).

Once the economy starts bouncing back and businesses reopen, companies need to be ready to begin hiring. 

According to a recent WilsonHCG study, 71 percent of surveyed business leaders expect to begin hiring in the 3rd and 4th quarters of this year. Sixty-three percent of HR and TA professionals surveyed said that their teams are getting ready to start hiring. 

Part of the hiring readiness should be a talent pipeline readiness. To that end, a candidate-centric pipeline is what Best-in-Class companies adopt, according to Aberdeen's analyst, Zach Chertok. Aberdeen's data also shows that a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner is best suited to creating a continuously populated pipeline.

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