Weekly Brief: Tackling Recruiting Issues and Addressing Bad Culture

by Janine Lucas

recruiting-issuesSo what do you do when your company's culture isn't that great? How do you manage the toughest recruiting challenges and overcome them? This week's RPOA News explains the importance of being transparent with new hires in the face of a not-so-great culture and exposes today's most difficult recruiting challenges. Also included: articles on boosting your LinkedIn network – improving recruiting and saving time –finding and hiring motivated people.

#NextChat: Your Culture Stinks...But You Still Have To Hire! - SHRM - @weknownext –The importance of culture in the hiring and recruitment process is worth its weight in gold—but what happens when the company you’re hiring for doesn’t have a good culture? This article addresses the issue of when companies' lack a good culture to use as a selling point to candidates. Their advice? The most important thing is to be transparent about what the culture is so that the candidate feels like they know what they're being hired into. This tactic will help reduce turnover and help find a candidate who truly is a great fit. 

10 Tips to Boost Your Linkedin Network -Yoh – @YohCorporate – LinkedIn is thee social networking platform for recruiters—are you taking full advantage of its power? Even though just being on LinkedIn will turn you into a natural networker, this article provides 10 handy tips to expand your reach even further. Some of the tips cover how important it is to be your own brand (this means filling out your profile completely—picture too!); using the “people you may know” function as much as possible; keeping your finger on “Pulse” (LinkedIn’s news feed); following the thought leaders and high-power executives you admire; and more.

Recruiting Challenges and How to Overcome Them (Part 1) - RPOA - @RPOAssociation – These days recruiters are faced with  countless challenges that seem impossible to overcome. In this two-part article series, RPOA  identifies the four main challenges facing recruiters today and offers guidance on how to overcome them. The challenges in this article were uncovered during a recent interview between RPOA and Novotus’ talented recruiting staff. Novotus discusses challenges like reducing time to fill and improving hiring manager satisfaction, and provides information on how to improve in part one of this series.

We’re Improving Recruiting Without Long Memos, Long Meetings, and Long Plans – ERE.net - @ERE_net -  You can improve recruiting without it consuming all of your precious time—and this article offers great advice for helping you save plenty of time by changing tactics. In keeping with the “work smarter, not harder,” theme, this article explains the importance of keeping a focus. Instead of getting frustrated about time-consuming tasks, it’s better to shift the conversation to “why is this continuing to happen and what can we do to stop it?” Overall, the main theme of this article centers around "changing the approach" and keeping the lines of communications open (even if it means nixing memos and replacing them with quick group huddles).  

How to Really Recruit (and Hire) Self-Motivated People - TLNT - @TLNT_com - What's the single smartest thing that a hiring manager can do? For recruiters this answer is apparent: recruit highly motivated people. The trick, however, is finding these ideal candidates. This article walks you through seven tricks to uncovering new talent, including using employee referrals, asking for references, revisiting former employees, and asking them key questions during the interview.


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