Tips and Strategies for Recruiting Success

by Carrie Kolar

Recruiting is a strategic process, and there are multiple levels of strategy involved. In this week’s RPOA Weekly, we present a collection of articles with tips and strategies for recruiting and hiring success. 


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Success – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

The recruiting market is challenging, and likely to get more so. What strategies can you use to recruit great talent when the market is so competitive? This article presents seven recruiting strategies that you can use to recruit successfully in a challenging market. They include identifying and nurturing your top performers, driving referrals as a company-wide initiative, using compelling job descriptions, multi-threading your hiring campaigns, creating relationships with every outreach and applicant, teaching your interview teams to be highly effective, and building elasticity and consistency into your hiring model.

Is Your Recruiting Strategy More Like Go Fish or Minecraft? – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

Go Fish is a game of luck, chance and a bit of skill, and Minecraft is a game where you build something carefully and deliberately. Guess which one makes the better recruiting strategy? This article, based on an RPOA webinar entitled “Is Your Recruiting Strategy More Like Go Fish or Minecraft?” discusses the importance of having a well-planned recruiting strategy. It emphasizes the benefit of using data to inform recruiting strategies, focusing on the employment brand and using a multi-pronged approach to find candidates.

Redefining Talent Acquisition Strategies: Why Money is Driving Away Top Talent – Yoh - @YohCorporate

Labor demands are outstripping supply, and it takes far more than it used to for companies to both recruit and retain great talent. This article explores how money is no longer enough to attract candidates to a position, and how to attract talent without relying on offering more cash. The article discusses why demand for talent is outstripping supply, how candidates and employees value culture and workplace flexibility more than extra money and how overly complex hiring processes are driving great candidates away.

The Secret Recruiting Strategies to Attract Passive Candidates – Yoh - @YohCorporate

What are passive candidates, and how can you recruit them? This article answers both of those questions as it delves into the subject of passive candidate recruitment, which it calls a new obsession among recruiters. It begins by defining “passive candidates,” then moves on to discussing passive candidate pitfalls and passive candidates recruiting strategies. Some of the strategies mentioned include making personal connections with passive candidates before you start to recruit them, and to be prepared for rejection if you do not.

Tips for Recruiters: How To Conduct Effective Phone Screens – SHRM - @SHRM

Phone interviews can be useful for narrowing down lists of candidates before rounds of in-person interviews, but that doesn’t mean that they should be taken lightly. This article offers strategies and suggestions for recruiters to get the most out of phone interviews, both in terms of properly assessing candidates and selling the company and position. It begins with tips for preparation, including thoroughly researching the candidate beforehand, then moves on to recommendations for the assessment phase, including asking consistent questions and keeping scorecards. It also includes suggestions on taking notes, on-call etiquette, and how to properly sign off from a call in order make sure that the candidate has a good impression of you and the company.

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