The Importance of Networking in Talent Acquisition

by Carrie Kolar

The_Importance_of_Networking_in_Talent_AcquisitionNetworking is an essential activity for both job hunters and recruiters. Both groups network to expand their contacts, job hunters in the hope that it will lead to a job opportunity, recruiters in order to fill their pipeline and find candidates and potential hires. In this week’s RPOA Roundup, we take a look at the importance of networking in talent recruitment as well as networking methods and best practices that both companies and individuals can use to find success.

7 Tips for Creating Meaningful and Worthwhile Networking Connections – Yoh - @YohCorporate

Conferences and big events are target-rich opportunities for networking, but some people find it difficult to make meaningful connections in such large settings. This article suggests seven ways that conference attendees can make the most of their networking opportunities before, during and after the conference. It recommends reviewing the agenda beforehand, connecting with the other attendees, being a resource, rehearsing your elevator pitch, refreshing your LinkedIn profile, reconnecting with colleagues, and keeping your head up and paying attention instead of exclusively looking at your phone or laptop.

Is it Networking or Phishing? – ERE - @ERE_net

Online networking is a great way to expand your contacts and cultivate relationships, but you need to be on the watch for risks that come with the territory. This article describes how people can mistake phishing scams, scams that try to get confidential information such as passwords, banking information, and credit card numbers, for genuine networking opportunities. It describes how to take steps to avoid these scams and what to look for when trying to determine if an invitation to connect or a potential networking opportunity is a phishing scam in disguise.

HR Roundtable: Effective Networking? It’s About More Than Getting a Job – TLNT - @TLNT_com

This article recaps an HR Roundtable discussion on effective networking, concentrating on three major questions: what is so challenging about networking all the time, what are some favorite ‘don’ts’ in networking, and how can people effectively network personally and professionally. It then presents a handful of the best answers for each question, with results including that people don’t make time to network, that people shouldn’t launch an immediate “ask” when networking, and that being both a giver and a connector is an effective way to make networking efforts successful.

Why Face-to-Face Networking Will Never Go Out of Style – Fortune - @FortuneMagazine

While technology and the internet have made networking opportunities functionally limitless, more traditional networking methods remain essential components of success. This article explores the importance of face-to-face networking through the lens of one executive’s experiences and the difference he draws between the far-reaching but more impersonal online networking and the deeper relationships that can be developed through in-person networking. The article concludes with a recommendation to attend a few top conference each year to develop in-person networking skills and experience.

5 Ways Companies Can Stand Out in Social Media Recruiting – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

A big piece of online networking occurs through the various outlets of social media. Both companies and individuals can effectively leverage social media to network and advertise themselves to potential clients, customers, employees and employers. This article suggests five ways that companies can stand out when using social media to recruit new hires. These include making social media recruiting efforts personal, emphasizing quality of quantity, rewarding social media followers, and following the leads of companies who experience success in their social media recruiting, such as Zappos and Atlassian.


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