RPOA Weekly: Human Resource Must-Read Posts

by Carrie Kolar

This summer we've seen the UK deciding to leave the EU by voting for Brexit, the U.S. presidential election narrowing down on the two "least popular candidates," and Brazil hosting another successful Olympics despite the Zika scare; however, whatever happened in the human resource world? This news roundup of the RPOA Weekly we take a look at some of the best published posts on human resource topics as it related to business strategy. 


The Alignment Between Business Strategy and HR – and the Role of RPO in This Paradigm – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

With the new iteration of HR, what do human resource leaders bring now that they have a guaranteed place at the strategy table? Pam Verhoff, with Advanced RPO, shed the light on the importance of aligning business strategy with HR and the steps needed to ensure this alignment’s success from both sides of the equation, as well as introducing the benefits of business-aligned HR. It goes on to describe four key business drivers and how recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can address them, using Advanced RPO’s Business Impact Model to illustrate the point.

3 Secrets to Writing a Winning HR Business Case – Yoh - @Yoh_Corporate

If you want to get your HR project funded, you probably need a stellar business case. This article opens by discussing the changes in HR, with strategy and technology taking the forefront in the new and evolved human resources, and continues by recommending three tips to make your HR business case compelling. These include personalizing it to the stakeholders, setting simple objectives, and identifying the risks up front. The article also includes a table identifying the different potential stakeholders that your HR business case needs to address and the topics and issues that are important to them.

Engaging with Data, Engaging with People – the Power of Analytics in HR – Method3 - @method3inc

Do you want a leg up on your productivity, talent acquisition, and retention? This article recommends using analytics and data tools to improve your HR activities, including refining and directing your hiring processes, making performance management more direct and well evidenced, and supporting improved employee engagement. It goes into depth into the benefits of applying analytics in HR in the areas of recruitment, performance, and engagement, and recommends developing strategies to deploy your HR analytics. Finally, it touches on the difficulties that can come with implementing an analytical approach to HR, but stresses that the ultimate benefits to the department and overall business are worth it.

HR in the Age of Disruption – SHRM - @SHRM

Innovation is the name of the game in HR, as companies like AirBnB and Uber add changing the way HR operates to their disruptive business models. This article contains lessons learned and recommendations from the leaders of AirBnB, Etsy, Uber, zulily, and Blue Apron on how HR can help companies stay creative and competitive while created an employee-centered culture. Recommendations and highlights come in the areas of talent search, screening candidates for cultural fit, making onboarding an ongoing process, emphasizing rest and rewards for employees, rethinking employee reviews, and more.

Would You Believe Spending $10,221 per FTE on HR? – TLNT - @TLNT_com

Do you know your HR numbers? How about how those numbers stack up against other HR departments? This article presents some of the results from SHRM’s Human Capital Benchmark Report, which includes information collected from over 2,000 HR executives and professionals. Some of the highlights identified in the article include statistics like average cost of hire, percentage of organizations with succession plans in place, and average time-to-fill. The article contains a link to the report, so you can get the full story as well as the article’s highlights.

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