RPOA Weekly: Crafting Your Compelling Brand

by Carrie Kolar

Are you a great company to work for? Why should candidates apply for your jobs and not somewhere else? The answer might be in your employment brand: what candidates think of your company as an employer. In this week’s RPOA Weekly we take a look at the importance of employer branding with articles that discuss how to craft, define and broadcast your employer brand. For greater discussion on the topic, register for our upcoming webiner, "the employment story," with marketing guru, Joel Capperella. 


6 Ways to Create an Employment Brand Worth Talking About – Yoh - @YohCorporate

In today’s tough recruiting market, your employer brand isn’t something that you can afford to ignore. This article, which define employer brand as “the way your organization’s prospective applicants, candidates, and employees perceive you as an employer,” recommends six ways to build and grow your employment brand. These include concentrating on internal branding and retention, ensuring that all employees can pitch the company, making marketing your new recruiting partner, personalizing every communication, and keeping on top of your data.

What Is Your Promise? Defining Your Employer Brand – Advanced RPO - @AdvancedRPO

A brand is a promise, and just like your corporate brand is a promise to your customers, your employer brand is a promise to your future and current workers. This article discusses what an employer brand is and why it’s important, and provides recommendations on how to define your employer brand. Actions you can take include asking your talent network what matters most, reviewing your mission statement and core values, talking to your customers, and crafting your employer brand promise by focusing on your greatest strengths.

Employment Brand in the Social Media Age – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

As the recruiting market heats up, your company needs to be able to differentiate itself from the competition in order to attract the best available talent. This article from RPOA delves into how you can use social media to build and broadcast your employment brand with sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. It emphasizes how social proof and transparency resonate with current job seekers, and how genuine engagement and interaction over social media can make potential candidates more inclined to accept your recruiter’s call. Finally, it makes the point that while building your employer brand over social media doesn’t need to be expensive, it does require time and consistency to get the results you desire. 

Outsourcing Your Brand: Why The New Economy Makes Your Brand More Important Than Ever – Newton Talent - @NewtonTalent

The workforce is undergoing a fundamental shift, with “lifelong employees” being replaced by the “gig workforce.” Today’s talent has options, and this article suggests that with the rise in options for potential candidates comes increased importance for the employer brand. It emphasizes that HR needs to adopt a sales and marketing mindset, and cites a Universum study, “2020 Outlook, the Future of Employer Branding,” to argue that employer branding isn’t a marketing nice-to-have; rather, it’s become a strategic must-have for the new era of recruiting.

Companies to Spend More on Branding to Find Ideal Candidates – SHRM - @SHRM

Inbound candidates (who don’t require sourcing) have their own unique benefits, but often don’t meet the criteria for open positions, apply to lots of roles at the same time, and are generally lower quality than passive candidates. This article reports that according to Entelo’s 2017 Recruiting Trends Report, almost half of companies surveyed plan to increase their spending on employer branding in order to make their positions easier for ideal candidates to find and help non-ideal candidates self-select out of the application process. The article also includes other suggests for improving the quality of inbound candidates and additional findings from the Entelo report.

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