RPOA Weekly: Let’s Be Social: Recruiting Success with Social Media

by Carrie Kolar

Social recruiting has changed the landscape of talent acquisition forever making it (for many organizations) the key for recruiting success. Is your organization onboard yet with implementing a successful social recruiting strategy? Here are a few tips to get you started and gear you towards recruiting success. In this week’s RPOA Weekly, we take a look at how to pair recruiting with social media, including how social media affects your employment brand, the best tactics for social recruiting, and how to play in the recruiting big leagues on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Employment Brand in the Social Media Age – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

Employer brand, the image of your company that you work to develop and communicate to candidates and employees, can make or break your recruiting efforts. A positive, well-developed employer brand makes it more likely that candidates will talk to your recruiters and accept a position; a weak employer brand can drive away candidates before a recruiter opens their mouth. This article discusses how employer branding has changed from its rise in the ‘90s, particularly with the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and employer review sites like Glassdoor. It concludes by recommending ways to communicate effectively and make the most of the opportunities social media offers your employer brand.

10 Social Media Marketing Hacks for Businesses – Yoh - @Yoh_Corporate

Most candidates, particularly Millennials, spend a significant part of their lives on social media. This makes the various social media platforms a ripe opportunity for marketing both your business and your employer brand, attracting customer and quality candidates alike. This article explores ten hacks for social media marketing, including having and posting quality content, leveraging analytics and making data-driven decisions, and investing in influencer marketing.

The Beginner’s Guide to Recruiting on Twitter – Yoh - @Yoh_Corporate

When you’re recruiting on social media, it pays to be where the users are, and Twitter’s user numbers are steadily increasing. Twitter has become value real estate in the recruiting industry, and this article suggests six tips that beginning Twitter-ites can use to successful recruit on the platform. These include following industry authorities on Twitter, using the Google Trends search tool to find out what keywords and topics are most popular, retweeting relevant individuals or entities, developing a hashtag strategy, shortening any URL you post on Twitter, and really understanding if your target market is on Twitter and whether a Twitter campaign is a good use of your time.

How to Recruit on Facebook – ERE - @ERE_net

Let’s play Captain Obvious – Facebook is huge. It has over a billion users, with approximately one out of every five people on the site. With these numbers, Facebook has enormous potential for recruiters, but it requires some specialized tactics and know-how to get a good ROI from the platform. This article dives deep into how to successfully recruit on Facebook, including how best to tag-team Facebook and LinkedIn for the best response rates, how to best leverage talent communities on Facebook, and how to post engaging job descriptions in Facebook Groups that get people to apply to your open positions. Through it all, the author shares his personal experience recruiting on Facebook, complete with screenshots and recruiting metrics.

Survey: Why Your Social Recruiting Tactics Are Wrong – The New Talent Times

How does candidate social media use match up with recruiter expectations? This article answers that question by presenting the results of a recent survey that was created to find out whether social media activities that raise red flags for recruiters are common among candidates. The article includes key takeaways from the survey as a list, then discuss each takeaway in more detail as the article goes on. Takeaways discussed include that one third of respondents have a poor or nonexistent social media presence, that mismatched resumes and online profiles are common, and that most social media users don’t speak poorly of their employers.

using twitter for recruiting

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