Innovations in Hiring Interviews

by Carrie Kolar

innovations in hiring interviewsTechnology, such as video interviewing, can streamline the sometimes arduous interview process, and there are many great resources for conducting and mastering the art of the interview. In this week’s News Roundup, we examine innovations in hiring interviews taking an in-depth look at video interviews, how they work for recruiters, and how to use them to your best advantage. We also introduce problems (and solutions) that plague the interview today, and the dos and don’ts for conducting interviews from a legal standpoint.

10 Reasons a Video Interview Could Replace a Phone Screen – ERE – @ERE_net

Video interviews have become increasingly popular in the recruiting world, especially among recruiters who have to review a large number of candidates. This article addresses video interviews in which candidates are recorded answering uniform, pre-recorded questions. While acknowledging that some may feel the loss of the personal touch a two-way conversation provides, this article articulates ten benefits of video interviewing that the author feels more than outweigh the negatives. Among other positive points, the author cites an increased candidate pool, convenience for both recruiter and candidate, and massively increased efficiency as benefits of adopting the video interview.

Top Five Tips for Successful Video Interviewing – RPOA – @RPOAssociation

While there are great benefits to video interviewing, there can be some unexpected obstacles as well. This article presents five tips for optimizing the video interview. These include being careful in choosing your surroundings, preparing the candidate for what to expect, recording a trial run of the interview, exaggerating your body language, and keeping the benefits and limits of the video format in mind.  Paying attention to and following these tips will allow both you and your candidate to enter into the interview prepared and ready to go.

5 Warning Signs to Look For in the Video Interview – Yoh – @YohCorporate

New technologies for conducting interviews present new challenges in determining who the best candidate for your position will be. Some traditional faux pas to watch out for still apply, some do not, and there are entirely new ones that you may not be familiar with, but should definitely take into account when looking to hire. This article discusses five of these warning signs for video interviews. A troubling background, too much noise, not dressing for an interview, using cue cards or other crutches, and negative nonverbal cues can all be signs to look elsewhere.

6 Problems with Job Interviews Today (And How to Fix Them) – TLNT – @TLNT_com

Hires that turn bad can leave recruiters wondering what went wrong. Sometimes, the answer lies with the interview. This article gives six major problems with interviewing, and suggests ways to fix each problem mentioned. For example, lack of standardization in interviews can be fixed with one-way video interviews, not assessing cultural fit can be solved by adding more culture-related questions to interviews, and surface-level assessment can be dealt with by adding some form of pre-employment testing.

Top Interview Do’s and Don’ts – SHRM – @weknownext

There are a lot of potential pitfalls for managers during interviews. Questions that were intended to be innocent can be misread, or can turn out to be the basis of a discrimination lawsuit. This article gives pointers for avoiding legal issues that can arise from interviews, especially those based on alleged discrimination. Trying to avoid TMI, or too much information, keeping questions away from personal issues, and training managers in what questions not to ask can help avoid legal problems down the road.

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