Key Ingredients of Job Seeker's Success

by Carrie Kolar




Job hunting can be incredibly difficult, and even the most talent job seekers can experience disappointment and little success if they do not take the right approaches to job hunting. In this week’s RPOA, we look at challenges that job seekers face, and how to improve resumes and nail interviews, and other ingredients of job seeker success.

5 Top Challenges of Talented Job Seekers – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

Searching for a job isn’t easy. Once you decide what kind of job you want, you need to find it, figure out how to apply for it, catch the attention of the employer, and nail the interview process. There are a great many challenges along the path to nailing the perfect job, and this article details five of the top challenges of job seekers. They include that there are too many places to look for positions, uninformative job descriptions, not enough information about employers, lengthy and confusing hiring processes, and no feedback from potential employers.

10 Prep Questions to Help You Nail the Interview – Yoh - @YohCorporate

Interviews can be scary, and incredibly stressful for both the interviewer and the interviewee. The best way to prepare for them is to think like the hiring manager, and figure out what the needs of the company may be, and what the hiring manager will be looking for. This article suggests ten questions that job applicants should be prepared to answer in their interview, including but not limited to what you know about the company, what attracted you to the company, and what you can bring to the business.

Why a One Size Fits All Resume is Sure to Leave Little to the Imagination – Yoh - @YohCorporate

Your resume is your entry to the job you want, the piece that will make the hiring manager or recruiter sit up and notice you, and your gateway into the hiring and interviewing process. It’s worth the time you spend to make sure that your resume is striking and gives off the impression that you want. This article suggests three ways to maximize the potential of your resume, including having a master resume that you tailor for specific job openings, making every word count, and setting the tone.

What Do Recruiters Look for in a Resume? – Fortune – @FortuneMagazine

Among the tens of thousands of resumes circulating the job force at any time, it’s important that your resume stand out. This article takes the experience of a long-time recruiter and uses it to suggest important elements of successful resumes. It details how recruiters read resumes, things that they don’t pay much attention to, what more people should include in their resumes, and things that job applicants should stop doing with their resumes.

Unhappy at Work? Try Hacking Your Job – The Wall Street Journal - @WSJ

If you’re unhappy with your job but reluctant to start job hunting, one way that you can solve the problem is by redesigning your job. This article presents “job hacking” or re-tailoring your existing job to be more enjoyable and meaningful for you, so that you enjoy a greater level of job satisfaction without having to go through the job searching process. The article uses examples of individuals who have redesigned their jobs with great success, as well as some cautionary tales of what not to do when you are trying to re-craft your job. It also includes a list of simple ways that you can hack your job to find greater meaning in your workplace and the work you do.

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