How to Avoid Common Hiring and Talent Acquisition Hazards

by Carrie Kolar

How_to_Avoid_Common_Hiring_and_Talent_Acquisition_HazardsThe road to the perfect hire is rarely smooth. While the hiring market is extremely competitive and companies are struggling to fill open positions, some of the biggest issues for recruiters lie in the candidates themselves. In this week’s RPOA Roundup, we take a look at how to avoid common hiring and talent acquisition hazards like high-risk candidates and new-hire no-shows, as well as how checking references and knowing how to hire to your company’s needs can result in the getting the right person for the job.

How to Predict High-Risk Candidates When Hiring – RPOA – @RPOAssociation

Among other types of high-risk candidates is the type known as the ‘flight risk,’ or otherwise great candidate who is likely to leave the company within a number of months. This article suggests using recently release pre-hire flight risk predictions from Talent Analytics Corp. to identify high-risk candidates, and describes how these calculations came about and why they are needed. The description focuses on the loss of time and resources that result from hiring a candidate who leaves before returning value to the company and requires the company to go through the recruiting process again to find a replacement.

How Much Truth is There to a Reference Check? – Yoh – @YohCorporate

When screening potential candidates, the reference check is a key action that recruiters and future employers need to take to get essential information about the potential hire. While some employers and recruiters do not follow up on references, either because they do not believe they need to or because references have been misleading in the past, this article argues that this is a mistake. It further suggests the best people to talk to when following up with a candidate’s references, and the ten most important questions to ask during a reference check.

Cut Down on the Number of Students Who Change Their Minds – ERE – @ERE_net

Employers and hiring managers are currently seeing a rise in the number of students who are reneging on accepted offers with large companies and going to work for their competitors. This article examines potential reasons behind this trend, and suggests four best practices to decrease its occurrence. These include assigning a risk level to each new hire, planning and executing monthly touchpoints with new hires, inviting them to events, and offering on-campus projects to keep them busy so they don’t look for other offers.

Preboarding Stops New Hires from Walking Away from Already Accepted Offers – ERE – @ERE_net

Many new hires are walking away from jobs they have already accepted, or worse, not bothering to show up for their scheduled start date. This is partly due to the competitive hiring market, which sees candidates constantly getting better offers. This article suggests preboarding as a technique to lock in new hires and significantly reduce the number of no-shows. The article lists the benefits of preboarding as well as top 25 preboarding actions that companies should take to reduce new-hire walkaways.

How Do You Avoid Hiring the Wrong People For Your Startup? – Fortune – @FortuneMagazine

When building their team, a lot of new companies face a difficult decision: should they hire someone who is awesome at one thing, or an all-around good candidate who doesn’t specialize? This article states that the answer to that question depends on where your business is and what needs you have. It uses the metaphor of a football team to describe what players are needed at what point in a business’s buildup, and suggests that for businesses just starting out, all-around candidates are better bets. It suggests that once your company has established what its model is and what services it will offer, then you can hire specialized workers.

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