Building an Awesome Employer Brand

by Carrie Kolar

Your business reputation doesn’t only net you clients and customers; it can be one of your most powerful tools in recruiting top talent. Your employer brand, or how candidates and employees perceive your company as an employer, has the potential to make or break a recruiting program. In this week’s RPOA Weekly, we discuss how you can leverage your own and external resources into building an awesome employer brand.


Image: Jack Ma of Alibaba. Source:

Outsourcing Your Brand: Why the New Economy Makes Your Brand More Important Than Ever – Newton Talent

The nature of work is undergoing a fundamental shift. The “gig” or open talent” economy is expanding, and with it, creating an expectation of a flexible workforce that isn’t tied to any lifelong positions. This article discusses the gig economy trend and what it means for employers, pointing out that the breadth of options now available means that employers need to refocus how they attract talent. It recommends that HR take on a sales and marketing mindset to recruit the employees and contractors with the skills they need, and points out that when it comes to your employer brand, existing employees are your best possible advocates.

What Is Your Promise? Defining Your Employer Brand – Advanced RPO - @AdvancedRPO

Your brand is your promise, and your employment brand is a way to communicate both your promise and identity to current employees and candidates. This article explores why employer brand is important, including that it helps attract new employees and keep current employees engaged and interested. It also recommends a number of ways to define and build your brand, such as asking your talent network what matters the most to them, going back to your company mission and values, talking to your customers, and deliberately crafting an employee brand promise.

6 Ways to Build and Grow an Employment Brand Worth Talking About – Yoh - @Yoh_Corporate

Recruiting top talent is difficult, and its difficulty is likely to increase. In the current and upcoming talent wars, you have a secret weapon in your pocket – your employer brand. This article uses Google as an example of the benefits of a top-notch employer brand (did you know that getting a job there is more difficult than getting into Harvard?) and suggests six ways that you can build up your brand to achieve Google-like results. These six methods include concentrating on internal branding and retention, making sure that all employees can pitch the company, personalizing every communication, leveraging data, and more.

The Hidden Values of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) brings a lot of benefits to its client organizations. Did you know that employer brand enhancement is one of them? This article introduces how RPO providers benefit their client’s employer brand, and recommends ways to determine whether or not your RPO provider is representing your brand effectively.

In the World of Brand Ambassadors, These 3 Things Motivate Them the Most – ERE - @ERE_net

What are brand ambassadors, and what makes them tick? This article answers these questions by introducing the concept of brand ambassadors, or employees who “advocate for your company’s mission, values and vision.” The article suggests different ways of turning employees into brand ambassadors, and reviews the different motivators that companies can use to develop effective brand ambassadors. It delves into the motivating power of money and financial rewards, publicly celebrating referral or ambassador success, and using altruistic or charitable incentives to turn your employees into advocates.

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