RPOA Weekly: Tech Trends for Boosting Your Employer Brand

by Lamees Abourahma


Strong marketing will always prove a boon for building and promoting your employer brand, but as technology changes – and the way that candidates interact with that technology – your marketing efforts will also have to evolve in order to remain effective. In this week’s #RPOAWeekly, we look at the intersection of technology and employer brand, and how your business can use the latest in social media best practices to intrigue and engage potential candidates.

Gamification and Hiring: Leveling Up Your Candidate and Engagement

by Accolo

Gamification is a phenomenon that has gained recent popularity as a method of driving engagement in industries or activities that tend to encounter lapses in adherence, including health care and personal fitness. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for gamification in other industries. As Accolo details, several companies are crafting games, tests, and similar online experiences that give potential employees a taste of the work culture and atmosphere they can expect should they come aboard.

How GE Elevated Perceptions (and Their Media Game) to be Seen as a Career Destination

by Patty Silbert, Newton Talent 

Traditional media still plays a key role in appealing to candidates, and effectively using this media to market your company’s brand – in combination with newer sources of media, including Twitter and YouTube – remains crucial. Effective brand marketing is especially important in industries where candidates have little trouble finding a job, explains Patty Silbert of Newton Talent. In this case: making General Electric appear as a more exciting and attractive place to work than what we might otherwise believe about a company that was founded more than a century ago.

The Future of Recruiting Is An Internal Talent Consulting Group, As Technology Handles Daily Recruiting Tasks

by Dr. John Sullivan, ERE

We look to technology to make mundane tasks easier, but Dr. John Sullivan is looking one step beyond that: complete automation of the mechanical hiring process. Whether you fear or embrace the encroaching technological advances, there are several strategic opportunities to boost your hiring practices and brand made possible through the additional time gained through automation.

Infographic: Employer Social Media

by About Talent

For our last article, About Talent has provided a helpful and colorful infographic for businesses who need a little help understanding the importance of social media in relation to conveying your branding, culture, and achievements. The bottom line? You want to present yourself as more than just your product or service, and social media is the perfect way to accomplish that goal.

Spring Cleaning Your Employer Brand 

by Crystal Miller Lay, ERE

Like any aspect of your business, your brand needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that it resonates with employees, candidates, and customers. CEO Crystal Miller Lay recommends several areas of social media to review and update each year, including your career site, social media pages, and email marketing campaigns, in order to make sure the vision of your brand matches the reality of what you are presenting.

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