RPO Solutions, Social Media Recruiting and More Hiring News

by Allison Reilly

social media recruiting newsWe're almost into the last quarter of 2014, the busiest three months of the year. Of course, there are all the holidays, but these three months are also busy because many organizations are trying to meet end-of-the-year goals and preparing for the coming year. Those goals and preparations include hiring and recruiting, so this week's hiring and recruiting news roundup includes solutions and recruiting tips to help with this. We may not be able to clear your schedule so you can enjoy a little more holiday, but we can help make everything easier to balance.

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One RPO Doesn't Fit All - @execforum - Recruitment process outsourcing is a relationship; it's more than just a solution or a service companies purchase. With any relationship, it's important to ask the right questions and to have an idea of what the ideal "relationship" looks like so that a company considering RPO can choose the right RPO provider. Although we'd argue that every RPO provider is partner and that all RPO providers should be transparent, this article outlines excellent questions that need to be asked before fully implementing an RPO solution.

5 Ways Companies Stand Out in Social Media Recruiting - @RPOAssociation - With social media, the biggest restriction to your company's message isn't necessarily space. Although tweets can only be 140 characters long, accounts are limited to the number of tweets they can have. Therefore, the biggest restriction to your company's message is attention: competing for people's attention against everything else on social media. With this in mind, the second tip in this article is crucial. Quality over quantity is important for successful social media recruiting because quality content is what's going to catch people's attention, as well as distributing your social media content on the networks where they would be most relevant to users.

How Your Employees Can Attract Tech Talent - @AccoloRPO - Employees are excellent referral sources, but this isn't the only way they can help your organization attract top tech talent. Besides, finding top talent is only half the battle, and employees can help with the other half by ensuring that the person hired is the best possible person for the company and the position. Employees can do this by assessing cultural fit, meeting potential hires and testing them for compatibility in the workplace and with coworkers. Employees can also help by designing appropriate skills tests for the hiring process. Current employees would have the best idea of the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and on any present/upcoming projects, so they can design and suggest skills tests that would evaluate the skills necessary for the job.

Celebrate National Staffing Employee Week Like a Boss - @CBforEmployers - It may be Thursday, but this also means that there are still two days left in National Staffing Employee Week. This week is meant to honor the millions of Americans who work in contract or temporary positions all across the country, and 79 percent of these employees work full-time! These employees fulfill vital needs for businesses in nearly every sector and industry, so take the time to show your appreciation to the contract and temporary workers within your organization. After all, a good "boss" shows appreciation when s/he gets the chance!

Recruiting Creative Talent and Making the Placement - @YohCorporate - Much like attracting top tech talent, there are similar strategies that can be used to attract top creative talent. Although this strategy wasn't mention in the tech talent article, emphasizing and exercising flexibility is an excellent way to recruit both tech and creative talent. Creatives thrive on freedom and autonomy, and as many creatives will tell you, creativity and innovation aren't things you can demand. They need to be fostered with the right surroundings, but they can also come at any moment. Each person also expresses his or her creativity differently, so to recruit and to place a top creative, an organization may need to tailor a position specifically to them. This may take some, well, creativity, but that's something this demographic of talent can appreciate.

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