Employee Engagement, RPO Failure, and Other Recruiting News

by Allison Reilly

employee engagement newsCompanies with engaged employees outperform those without engaged employees by more than 200 percent! The three biggest reasons why employees aren't engaged include a lack of belief in senior leadership, a lack of pride in their employer and a dissatisfaction with their direct manager. Improving employee engagement will require improving the relationship between employees and their direct supervisors as well as the relationship between employees and their employer. Accomplishing that requires a small change in thinking in what employees want.

The Key to Employee Engagement Has Less to Do With Management than You'd Think - Mark Lukens - A recent survey from Bain & Company found that employee engagement is lowest on the lower tiers of the company, very often the people who spending the most time with your customers. This means that improving their engagement isn't about management encouraging more out of your customer service employees. It's about figuring out what they need to have a supportive workplace and to be able solve their customer's problems.

Why Your RPO Failed You - The Seamless Workforce - If you feel that your RPO partnership is falling apart, then perhaps all isn't lost. Oftentimes, the RPO solution fails because of a lack of true partnership, trust and joint ownership. The solution doesn't fail because the solution was wrong or shoddy. To salvage your RPO partnership and to turn the solution around, the lack of results may be a symptom of the problem instead of the problem itself. Look at how you can improve the working partnership or better trust your recruiting adviser.

When Sustainable Employee Engagement Isn't Achieved (Part 2 of 2) - The RPO Hub - Sustainable employee engagement is different from traditional employee engagement. Traditional engagement often involves throwing perks at the problem and primarily focuses on how to get employees to commit more and to be willing to go the extra mile. But this approach is no longer effective. Sustainable employee engagement also means creating a supportive work environment and having employees who are confident in their leadership and their employer. Sustainable employee engagement is a much more holistic perspective.

Employee Engagement Starts with Good Managers - Accolo - Management can't fix every employee engagement ill, but good management can make a big difference. How employees feel about their employer is directly related to how they feel about their direct supervisor 85 percent of the time. A good direct supervisor isn't someone who knows how to do his or her job. This person is also someone who cares about his/her employees on a personal level, treats everyone with respect, and enforces rules and standards consistently. Good management also has an involved interest in praising those who do good work while also privately working with those who make mistakes or need to improve.

Would You Buy Something from a Disengaged Retail Employee? - TLNT - As previously stated, employees in the lowest tiers of the organization are often the least engaged, and that statement holds true in retail. The main reason for the disengagement among retail employees is that many aren't aware of the company's values and how their roles fit into those values. Sixty percent of retail employees didn't understand how fundamental the company's values were to their roles, while 63 percent of retail employees have never been trained on these values. The best way to lower these percentages is to recognize employees when they uphold and demonstrate these values on the job, which will also help in improving productivity and company profits.

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