Staffing Challenges, RPO in its Infancy, and Other Recruiting News

by Allison Reilly

staffing challenges RPOThe irony about recruiting's biggest challenge is that some organizations are having trouble filling open positions because of a lack of qualified candidates, but others are reluctant to hire because they are worried about the economy or don't have the resources to pay someone a competitive salary. The overall challenge, no matter the company, is to find the best candidates with the least strain on time and money. There isn't just one way to accomplish that, but perhaps this week's news roundup will help.

The Biggest Staffing Challenges Employers are Facing - The Hiring Site - The biggest factor affecting staffing challenges is that a majority of employers and small business owners believe that the recession is still with us. Just over a quarter of employers feel that the recession is behind them, with business back to normal or better than before. The negative perspective on our country's business climate means that fewer organizations will be hiring, especially since many of them don't forecast an increase in sales for the first half of 2014.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in its Infancy (Part 1 of 3) - The RPO Hub - The RPO industry is 10 years old and has changed immensely from its humble beginnings. Back then, hardly anyone knew what RPO was, and even those that understood recruitment outsourcing were very skeptical and cautious about the idea. Outsourcing other business functions was gaining popularity and achieving success, but outsourced recruiting was the final frontier. In the first of this three part series, this article discusses why RPO was needed at the turn of the century and what factors enabled the industry to succeed.

Breaking the Mold: Are You Always Hiring the Same People? - The Seamless Workforce - Hiring people from the same companies or the same schools may not necessarily be a bad thing. Those candidates sources may have a proven record with your organization. But, limiting your candidate pool and sticking with a cookie-cutter model for your employees may be restricting the diversity of viewpoints and experiences in your organization. Such limits may also make it difficult to fill certain positions simply because you're refusing to look outside of your comfort zone. Those specific schools and companies may not be broken candidate sources, but this doesn't mean they are the ones that work either.

The New Resume Rules [Infographic] - HR Bartender - Applicant tracking systems aren't new, but are an aspect of hiring and recruiting that has yet to reach job seekers. Many still create resumes for human eyes, and although human eyes shouldn't be removed from recruiting process, most candidates don't realize that an ATS looks at a resume very differently from a person. This infographic does a good job of highlighting what a resume needs to come up in an ATS.

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Marketing- Accolo - Social media marketing and recruiting is about doing what works and using what's trending to your advantage. It's not about being popular, or even doing what's popular, as what's popular may not work for your audience or your employment brand. The key to social recruiting isn't much different from social media marketing. You need to engage your audience, and use these platforms as something more than a bullhorn for your company and open positions.

it’s about doing what works and using what’s trending to your advantage - See more at:
it’s about doing what works and using what’s trending to your advantage - See more at:

Even as hiring and recruiting progresses, the RPO industry continues to undergo major changes. Our 30-minute webinar discusses these massive changes, and what buyers of RPO should be considering when considering strategic partnerships with an RPO provider. This webinar will answer questions like:

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