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by Allison Reilly

recruiting process newsLess than a month until the new year! How are your measuring your recruiting for 2013, and how are you preparing your recruiting strategy for 2014? This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup answers that very question, highlighting what companies can do to attract and to retain the best during one of the busiest times of the year. Learn what candidates are doing to find jobs, what you need to do to find them in return, and how to measure your progress.

Don't Hire Like it's 1999 - The Seamless Workforce - Recruiting needs to be a coordinated effort, a comprehensive strategy if you will, that considers you short-term needs as well as your long-term needs. It's too easy these days for a good employee to go elsewhere, or for a competitor to snatch your top candidate, so you want to put your company in a position where your employees are burdened because you didn't strategize well. This includes considering your overall workforce plan, instead of just filling positions where there's a dire need. A dire need means a current employee is overworked and in need of a vacation. Hire in a way that prevents employees from getting to that point.

Candidates Use 16 Different Sources During a Job Search - The Hiring Site - Consumers are more technically-savvy and have access to more information that ever before, and this includes job seekers. Job seekers are consumers in a sense in that they are in the market for an open position, as CareerBuilder's 2013 Candidate Behavior study found that the average job seekers consults 16 different sources during a job search. These sources include search engines, company career sites, job boards, and traditional networking. What information are you providing to the market as an employer? Is the information available what you want job seekers to find out about you?

The Potential Value of Predictive Analytics in Human Resources - The RPO Hub - Predictive analytics is the use of computer models to analyze data and to predict patterns and trends. This is something that humans aren't very good at because we can only handle so many variables in our head, while a computer can handle many variables with ease without the human flaws of bias and overconfidence. Predictive analytics can very useful in recruitment, since past performance isn't necessarily the best indicator of future performance, especially for a candidate moving to a completely different role. It can also be useful for organizational change, indicating when people may be most receptive to changing their behavior and doing something differently, albeit more efficiently.

Recruiting is Marketing: 4 Lessons Your HR Team Can Learn from the Marketing Department - - People are now shopping for jobs continually, even those that are employed, turning recruiting into a marketing exercise where it needs to be about having the right message and delivering the right message to the right people. This means that employers need to be proactive about their employment brand and about filling open positions, instead of waiting for candidates to be proactive or to show initiative. This means managing your talent pool and keeping it up-to-date like a customer database. Eventually, you'll have people applying because they want to work for the company and not because they want to work the job.

Stay Interviews: 20 Possible Questions You Should Consider Asking - TLNT - Stay interviews are interviews with current employees about their role and what's keeping them with your company. Not only is this a great exercise to do to assess and to improve employee engagement, but you also need to ask the right questions to get the right information. These questions include identifying positive that make employees want to stay as well as actions that could increase loyalty and commitment. It also means determining the factors that make people want to leave.

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