Talent Acquisition, Retention, and Other RPO News

by Allison Reilly

Thanksgiving RPO NewsHappy Thanksgiving! It's a holiday and the last thing people want to think about today is work. But, if you'd like a break or want to do something besides watch football, then we do have a few RPO news stories for you to peruse. Most of the stories here involve talent acquisition and retention, a timely topic. Enjoy!

Study: Candidate Profiling on Social Media Can Lead to Discrimination - TLNT - If your Muslim, then perhaps its best not to share that information on social media. A new study from Carnegie Mellon University found that employers that do candidate profiling on social media are less likely to invite Muslim candidates to an interview than Christian candidates. This was found to be especially true in conservative states and localities. However, the researchers found no evidence of discrimination between gay and straight candidates.

The Future is Now in RPO & Recruiting - The Seamless Workforce - Recruiting tactics such as video interviewing and social media are already gaining popularity, gradually taking over as the way to do things in hiring and recruiting. Innovation is the key to growth, success, and hiring the best people, and innovation is in more than finding better ways to recruit on social media or with interview. Sometimes, it's with implementing new tactics, such as using the cloud and candidate data integration. Overall, it's no longer business as usual in recruiting, if there ever was such a thing in the recruiting industry.

4 Reasons Your Losing the Talent Retention War (and How to Solve It) - The Hiring Site - Employee turnover is expected to rise from 20% in 2012 to 23.4% by 2018. Three percent doesn't seem like a big deal, but that three percent equals nearly two million employees! It's likely that at least one of those two million employees leaving are going to leave your company, and you don't want them to be leaving for reasons that you could have prevented. Three ways you can stop this from happening: help them grow by teaching them new skills and investing in career development; take steps to engage them with the company; and recognize what they bring to the company. For the last suggestion, do more than an "employee of the month" award. Recognize their efforts in a way that's tailored to what that specific employee brought to the company i.e. they brought in a new, big client or came up with a way to improve operational efficiency etc.

Laws Require Workflex: Really? - China Gorman - The city of San Francisco just passed a new law that requires organizations to consider flexible work options for employees that meet certain criteria. If an employee meets the criteria, then can ask their employer to consider the option. If the option isn't granted, then the organization needs a to write a letter explaining why flexible work options weren't allowed and the business reasoning behind it. So, an employer can't require an employee to be at the office because they don't believe in flexible work or because they don't trust their employees to work from home. But, the new law is controversial because there is a lot of regulation involved.

Employee Motivation Part 2: Remember My Name - Mark Lukens - Point number one in employee motivation: know what motivates your employees, not just people in general. Point two: give employees a chance to determine their own motivation and engagement. What's more engaging than giving them something to engage in, instead of sending another directive from the top down? Point three: consider material gifts and benefits that are personalized i.e. a bottle of wine instead of a monetary bonus. The bonus may have more short-term value because the employee would have extra money to spend, but a bottle of wine shows a little more intention and consider of the person.

MORE Incredible Stats about Candidate Sourcing in 2013 - The RPO Hub - An employee referral is also defined as someone who forwards a job ad to someone who applies and is eventually hired. Are you measuring that type of referral as a candidate source, and how does it affect your overall recruiting? Answering these questions comes down to how you utilize the social networks of your employees, and these incredible stats show that sourcing this way could lead to great hires for 2014 and beyond.
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