Overcoming the Biggest Challenge in Hiring and Recruitment

by Allison Reilly

We could probably spend all day talking
hiring and recruitmentabout the biggest challenges in hiring and recruitment. In fact, that's what recruitment process outsourcing is all about: helping to make those challenges in hiring and recruitment just a little bit easier to overcome. However, we are going to discuss how to overcome THE challenge, the one that a research study from Talent Technology found to be the biggest hiring and recruitment challenge for recruiters and employers: finding good candidates.

Why is Finding Good Candidates Such a Challenge?

Finding good candidates is much more than finding people who can proofread their resume or know what to wear to an interview. It's about finding people who have the skills the employers need to do the job. The study from Talent Technology noted that C-level, executive-level, mid-level management, and skilled positions were some of the toughest to fill. Why? According to a different survey, this time from Workopolis, nearly 60% of job seekers are pursuing these tough-to-fill positions, but that most of them lack strategic perspective, global outlook, and business acumen, skills highly coveted by the people hiring for these roles. The way the market is, it would be presumed that finding good candidates would be easy. But, it turns out this is the big hiring and recruitment challenge!

What's a Recruiter or an Employer to Do?

One suggestion is to focus on current employees, perhaps considering them for these open executive or mid-level management positions and then using a recruiter or an RPO solution for the lower position. This emphasis would boost employee morale, which would also help with a company's employment brand to potential candidates. It also could be easier and less costly to recruit and to train someone for a position that doesn't require as much skill and experience.

A second suggestion is to engage those who apply just like you would a potential customer. Invite them to subscribe to the company blog or newsletter (would make a great litmus test in the interview process) after they submit their application, or set up a system to follow up with each individual application (this could be automated if they apply through your company website). Offer the option to drop by the office when they have a chance. If a candidate actually takes that offer, you know they are worth talking to, even if their resume didn't stick out in the initial screening.

Overcoming the Biggest Challenge in Hiring and Recruitment

Finding good candidates is always tough, whether you get too many or too few applications, whether everyone or no one is hiring people, whether or not you're facing other challenges as a recruiter or an employer. Make sure to take the time to look good to the good candidates, as you expect them to put their best foot forward for you.

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