Last RPO News Roundup of 2013!

by Allison Reilly

RPO News 2013Can you believe that this is the last weekly recruiting news roundup of the year, and one of our last posts of 2014? We sure can't believe 2013 is almost over. We also can't believe all that's been accomplished this year in hiring and recruiting, and the changes that we've seen over the past 12 months. Need one final recap before diving head first into the new year and getting things started on the right foot? This year's final news article roundup should help.

13 Workplace Trends We Saw in 2013 - The Hiring Site - A few of these trends will continue into 2014, such as the importance of mobile recruiting to job seekers and the creativity needed to succeed in social recruiting. A couple of these trends will stay, go, or change depending on the economy. These workplace trends include the recession-era low of the number of workers living paycheck-to-paycheck and the growth of the temporary help services industry.

2014 Trends in Recruitment Process Outsourcing - The Seamless Workforce - The biggest change to the recruitment process outsourcing industry is the way that these services are deployed. There are more choices to service delivery than ever before, and part of that is because there is an increased variety in the number of services. This variety isn't just from providers offering new services, but also in providers working together through co-sourcing and  specializing in specific categories and industries. And much like job seekers, the RPO industry is also investing in mobile, particularly looking at creating user-friendly mobile application processes.

How an Improved 2014 Economy Affects Recruiting - - Unemployment has been steadily improving for the past year, and these changes do affect how employers ought to recruit as the talent pool shrivels ever so slightly. One of these changes is that recruiting processes need to speed up. An improved economy may mean more customers for your business, and means an increased need to ensure that you have the manpower necessary to service customers well and quickly. It also means that the best candidates will have more choice in their employment options, leading to an increase in non-salary demands such as working from home and health reimbursements.

Parents May Be Your Secret Weapon for Recruiting and Retaining Millenials - Harvard Business Review - Another big recruiting trends this year is the involvement of parents in the recruiting process, specifically with millenials and their job hunt. Many recruiters may see parents as a nuisance, as people who don't realize they are doing more harm than good when they don't let their child speak for his/herself. However, this article outlines great strategies on how to turn parental involvement into a positive. Essentially, parents are heavily involved in the lives of millenials, so shutting them out completely may not be the best option.

What is the Impact of Technology on Recruitment? - The RPO Hub - Technology has changed recruitment greatly, and probably for the better. The trick to understanding and to utilizing this impact is knowing how it's changed and how the technology is best used. Social media recruiting for example, is a major technological impact on recruiting. However, if you don't know how to do social media recruiting and if you don't fully understand how social media recruiting has changed the behavior of job seekers and hiring managers, then you can't accomplish much by simply having a Facebook page or a Twitter profile.

Four trends disrupted the RPO industry in 2013: consolidations, service segmentation, co-sourcing, and candidate pipeline. In this dynamic, high-energy, hour-long session, several of the RPO industry’s leaders discuss the recruiting and hiring trends and activities across a multitude of companies and industries. Topics include how companies are becoming more sophisticated with their hiring approach and deploying strategies such as co-sourcing to satisfy their end-to-end recruiting needs. View the webinar and slides below.

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