Impact of Technology on Recruitment and Candidate Experience (Part 2 of 3)

by Lamees Abourahma


technology and recruitmentTechnology has made a ton of progress in recruitment over the past several years. But, how has this technology impacted the candidate experience? Is it increasing the connection between the 'black hole' and recruitment? Is it making it easier or harder for candidates to get what they need, and for employers to deliver what candidates want?

According to the recent Talent Board’s annual Candidate Experience survey:

  • 43% of employers inform candidates of “next steps”
  • 14% of employers said they electronically push candidates to an exit screen during a general screening process with an explanation that they are not qualified for the position
  • On average 8% of job candidates leave the applicant experience with enough resentment toward the firm to affect their relationship as customers

These statistics suggest that technology is increasing the connection between the information black hole and recruitment. And, despite that some employers are trying to reach out to candidates about their position in the hiring process, there's still a lot companies can do to improve the candidate experience.

Technology for Recruiting: What Works and What Doesn't?

Social Media
One of the ways that employers are experimenting to try and to improve the candidate experience is with social media. Networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn may be great ways to stay in touch with possible candidates, or to find great candidates, but the 'social' in social media needs to be remembered when it comes to these interactions. Simply messaging open positions from time to time isn't social. Constantly reaching out to tons of people for recruitment isn't social.

Email Communication
A great suggestion to improving the candidate experience is to send an email to everyone who applied when a position is filled. This lets candidates know they didn't get the position, while keeping them in the loop of the hiring process. Since candidates want closure and acknowledgement, a quick email fulfills both needs.

Recent data from Shaker shares candidate’s preferences on communication:

  • 86% of candidates prefer voice/telephone conversation
  • 86% of candidates prefer E-mail communication

Overall, technology can be a great asset in improving the candidate experience and removing the entanglement of the information black hole and recruitment. However, this will only happen if technology is used correctly and effectively; toward communicating and building a relationship with candidates.

Additional Resources

The above article is basd on a live roundtable discussion hosted by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association and lead by Matt Schreyer, co-founder of Instigate Inc. Listen to the full discussion now!

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