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What you always wanted to know about RPO but never knew who to ask

By Nancy Ruff Thu, Nov 12,2020 @ AM

A common interview wrap-up is to ask a candidate “Do you have any questions?” In this post, we’re flipping that on its head and drilling down on the questions those on the talent acquisition side in RPO may have. If you’ve never known where to turn for answers to your RPO questions, we’re here to help. Besides, no matter how much you know about RPO, there’s always something new to learn!

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The Role of Self-Acceptance in Recruitment Leadership: A Conversation with Rob Navarrete on Finding Your Differentiation

By Nancy Ruff Thu, Sep 24,2020 @ AM

Standing out in a crowded market isn’t always about having a completely unique product or service to sell. Take RPO, for example. All RPOs work with their clients to forecast staffing needs, drive candidate exposure to jobs and employer brand, source and engage talent, and provide candidate assessments and care. Yet, the best talent acquisition leaders have found ways to differentiate themselves and become experts in what they do.

There are many paths to get to differentiation, but what it all boils down to is this: It’s not how unique your approach is, it’s how unique people think your approach is. And according to Rob Navarette, how people view you—and your approach—depends a lot on how you see yourself.

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A Conversation With TA Leader Nicole Cox on Feedback, Self-Awareness, and Resiliency

By Nancy Ruff Thu, Sep 17,2020 @ AM

“All creative, talented people recognize the value of process, and have no concerns about revealing to others that it takes many bad ideas to obtain good ones.” So says Scott Berkun, speaker and best-selling author of multiple books on design including The Year Without Pants about his time with Microsoft, and his latest, How Design Makes the World.

When Berkun first started at Microsoft, he was embarrassed to share (or even document) what he considered his bad ideas. But he kept a notebook filled with them and along the way discovered something that has served him well throughout his career: each bad idea revealed some other way of thinking about the problem. And eventually he learned being transparent about his bad ideas with others created a collaborative environment that encouraged good—or even great—ideas to emerge.

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How RPO makes a difference in a Total Talent Solution

By Nancy Ruff Thu, Feb 14,2019 @ AM

From requisition to onboarding, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a proven solution for managing all or part of the entire talent acquisition cycle. It can also be of real value in a total talent acquisition (TTA) model.

For many organizations hoping to make 2020 the year they adopt a total talent strategy, success starts by finding a partner who can help them first determine what TTA success looks like and then build a compelling case for the approach from there.

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