Tips for a Successful Recruiting Strategy

by Carrie Kolar

recruiting_strategyThis week’s RPOA News Roundup examines the importance of strategy within the recruiting world. It introduces strategies for the coming year, strategies for hiring top candidates, how to improve your recruiting strategy with analytics, and examines the benefits of a particular recruiting strategy as we take a look at the way a strategic approach is necessary to meeting your recruitment goals.

Talent Strategies for 2015: Enormous Change Ahead – Bersin - @josh_bersin

Change is in the air, and this article takes a look at the likely changes ahead for the HR industry. First and foremost is the idea that talent management as a whole will have to reinvent itself to adapt to a workforce that’s younger, more mobile, and more agile. It focuses on how technology has removed the barrier between work and life, the importance of company culture for talent management and retention, and the importance of providing learning and leadership opportunities for your employees. Finally, it discusses how HR is being refined and redefined, and the importance of including data and analytics in all HR decisions.

ABCs of Recruiting Top Candidates (Part 1) – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

Hiring the best candidates possible is always the goal of recruitment. Actually hiring the candidate you want, however, doesn’t solely depend on the actual job offer and subsequent negotiation. This article introduces the idea that the management of entire hiring process is essential to “closing” on a top candidate. This article discusses strategies to make your hiring process work for you, and offers concrete suggestions to ensure candidates have a good impression of your company from the very beginning.

Are You Relying on Half-Fast Recruiting Strategies? – Yoh - @YohCorporate

The quality of your workforce is often dependent on the quality of your hiring strategy. However, a lot of companies don’t take the time or effort to seriously invest in their recruiting strategies, with the result that their return on investment is lackluster at best. This article considers the importance of hiring strategies, points out two major issues common to corporate recruiting strategies, and gives a list of important items to consider when developing a good, workable recruiting strategy.

Hire to Hurt: The Boldest Recruiting Strategy of Them All – ERE - @ERE_net

There are massive number of strategies available to recruiting professionals. The benefits and drawbacks of each can be debated, but this article presents the “Hire to Hurt” (or H2H) strategy as the most aggressive option. It describes the benefits of a hiring strategy that directly targets the talent and business of competitors by hiring away their most effective worker, and argues that this strategy presents the recruiter with a “two-for-one” deal of benefitting their company whole hurting the competition. It uses both real-life and inter-departmental examples to support this claim, and gives a list of best positions to target for an H2H campaign. The article concludes with by outlining the capabilities needed to run a truly effective H2H campaign.

Here’s Why Talent Analytics Must Be a Part of Your Talent Strategy – TLNT - @TLNT_com

Talent analytics is an area with massive potential that is only beginning to be mined. Information can gathered and interpreted to inform such essential elements of a hiring strategy as who you should be sourcing from and where, the common attributes of your top performers, and where your recruiting budget should be applied for the greatest return. This article introduces the importance and potential of talent analytics to inform hiring strategies, which can influence your businesses bottom line and pay dividends far into the future. It suggests uses and applications for analytics, how long-term use can effectively guide decision-making, and explains why data management should be an integral part of any talent strategy.

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