RPOA Weekly: Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

by Lamees Abourahma


How can employers create a more inclusive workplace? It’s a question that more companies are beginning to invest time and resources in. A Globe and Mail report on the Best Diversity Employers in Canada covers various strategies employers implement to create inclusive environments for their employees. Some strategies include conducting a mental-health survey to better understand employee knowledge and attitudes toward mental health and illness, launching recruiting campaigns targeted specifically at certain underrepresented groups, and providing bias-free interview training for recruiters and managers. This week’s #RPOAWeekly zooms in on diversity and inclusion in the workplace with a roundup of articles that shed some light on the subject.

Want a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace? Work on Your Culture by SHRM

Small changes in day-to-day events at work—like referring to “caregivers” in your family leave policies, instead of “mothers” or “fathers”—can contribute to a healthier, more inclusive workplace. Find more recommendations and findings from Deloitte and Boston Consulting Groups on improving workplace diversity.

What We Learned from Improving Diversity Rates at Pinterest by Harvard Business Review

In 2015, Pinterest decided to set public, challenging goals to increase hiring rates of women and employees from underrepresented ethnic groups. To help them achieve these goals, Pinterest hired Candice Morgan as the first Head of Diversity in 2016. Morgan shares her key takeaways after a year leading initiatives to improving workplace diversity.

Does Diversity Actually Increase Creativity? by Harvard Business Review

Setting aside social, political, and moral reasons for encouraging a more diverse workplace, there is arguably no better incentive for promoting diversity than the premise that diverse teams and organizations are more creative. But is there actually any evidence in support of this idea? And if there is, do the potential gains in creativity produced by diversity come at the expense of interpersonal harmony and team cohesion? This article provides seven findings from science.

Inclusion 101: Tech’s Future Founders Get Schooled on Diversity by Wall Street Journal

As a slew of Silicon Valley companies confront accusations of unfair treatment of women and minorities, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business is trying to help would-be entrepreneurs create more conscientious companies.

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