Facebook and Personality Recruiting and More News

by Janine Lucas

social recruitingAre you using social media to recruit potential job candidates? If not, you may be missing out on a key way to recruit new talent. Other opportunities you won’t want to miss out on can be found in these five articles, including how to hire competent people - how to have a successful video interview - why you might want to consider recruiting based on personality - and why letting employees work from home may boost productivity.

Social Media Recruiting Strategies for Facebook – Yoh – @YohCorporate -  It seems like just about everyone in the world is on Facebook these days, including hiring managers and recruiters. Due to it’s scope, the social networking site should play an integral role in every recruiting process as it allows hiring managers and recruiters to engage with passive and active job seekers at a low cost and with relative ease. Facebook also allows for a more personal way to sift through talent for potential job candidates who may be a better fit for your team or organization.

An Insider's Secret on How to Hire Highly Competent People - Lou Adler - @LouAHave generic competency models helped hire better people? If you’re looking for basic skills from candidates like multi-tasking, excellent verbal and written skills, leadership qualities, etc., then you may want to rethink your recruiting strategy according to Adler. Looking for these competencies can be tricky as they’re often filled with too much vision and hope; are too generic; are incomplete; and can be difficult to accurately assess. A simple solution he proposes is to ask the hiring manager how the competencies will be specifically used on the job, before going into a generic interview with a candidate that will only result in a vague discussion.

Top Five Tips for Successful Video Interviewing – RPOA – @RPOAssociation - Video interviewing is a great replacement for a phone interview. You can pick up on mannerisms and body language that you would miss in a half hour phone chat. As this new form of interviewing is getting more and more popular with the improving technologies, there are five tips you’ll want to keep in mind before you confirm a meeting with a candidate. These tips include, choosing an appropriate environment, preparing your candidate for the interview, recording a trial run, practicing exaggerated body language, and being aware of the medium's benefits and limitations.

How Virgin Hires: It's All About Personality - LinkedIn - written by Jas Singh - Virgin is one of the most diverse and successful brands in the world. They employ over 50,000 employees, and every single employee can be attributed to Virgin’s success. Both Virgin group and business mogul Sir Richard Branson emphasize how important hiring the right personality is to their recruitment process. The company will often hold extensive interviews through a fun and interactive process. They may even overlook adverse backgrounds all in favor of finding the right personality for the job. Every hiring manager or recruiter can learn from Virgin’s innovative process.

Should You Let Your Employees Work From Home? - Talent Tribune - @Talent_Tribune - With changes in technology and workplace norms, the work-from-home topic is an issue of hot debate. Yahoo and Best Buy’s decision to cut off all telecommuting was enough to make most companies wonder if they should follow suit. However, both Yahoo and Best Buy are experiencing declining profits and declining faith in their CEOs--rendering their stance on telecommuting a bit shaky. A Stanford study further emphasizes the pros on the work-from-home debate with statistics that boast a 13% increase in productivity rate and significant savings on overhead.

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