Millenials on the Job, and Other RPO News Stories of the Week

by Allison Reilly

recruiting newsThis week is the big week for new perspectives in recruiting and RPO. We have new data on millenials, a new way to think about positions and job descriptions, and a new way to think about who to hire and why. Here's our pick for the top RPO news stories of the week:

Why RPO, Why Now? - The Staffing Stream - RPO is booming, and there are many factors contributing to this boom: the difficulty of recruiting recruiters, the increase in technology, and the ability for RPO to meet the needs of fast-growth companies. RPO is changing recruiting as a whole.

Millenials on the Job: They Want to Commit, But Will We Let Them? - TLNT - Accenture recently published its 2013 College Graduate Employment Survey findings, and the biggest surprise is that millenials actually want to commit to their first jobs. According to the data, 68 percent of pending 2013 college grads expect to be at their first job more than three years. This makes us question what employers are doing when hiring college graduates, and what opportunities they are offering.

Meeting People Where They Are (or, Why “I Get It, What’s Your Problem?” Doesn’t Work) - Fistful of Talent - The message of this article is: "start where the end users / audience members / those whose behavior is targeted for change are in that moment that you want them to start changing, instead of where you want them to be." Not only does this have a huge application in recruiting and talent management, but it also means something in other fields as well, such as marketing and education.

Making Your Company Stronger: The Robust Recruiting Model - - Newsflash: hiring the best isn't always best. What is best is "organizing your goals and processes so you don't need the best is usually the best." Essentially, you need to think about what your company needs and what it can get in this talent market. We can't expect our team to work at their very best 100% of the time and never take a day off.

Four Challenges Talent Acquisition Leaders Must Address Now - The Hiring Site - Talent acquisition is changing. The 40-week is long gone, talent is demanding more from their jobs than ever, and of course, the Internet has made the employment brand much more transparent. A failure to recognize these challenges, and to do what it takes to overcome them, will only make it harder to attract and to retain the talent you want and need.

7 Busted Myths about RPO - The RPO Hub - If you think RPO is too expensive, or is only for big companies, or will mean that you will lose control of your hiring processes, then you are completely wrong. It's these three myths, and more, that are busted in this article. Since RPO is growing and becoming a viable solution for more companies, it's important that both providers and buyers know the misconceptions and understand what RPO is and what it could possibly do for them.

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