Hiring and Recruiting News: Yahoo & the Black Hole

by Allison Reilly

hiring and recruiting newsIt seems that two stories have been dominating the hiring and recruiting industries for the past week or so: the work-from-home policy change at Yahoo and the black hole between employers and candidates. In this week’s roundup, we primarily have articles covering those two topics, offering several different perspectives as to what these events mean and how they ought to be remedied. Of course, those aren’t the only two things happening, so in this week’s hiring and recruiting news roundup, we do have a few other stories to share. Enjoy!

Sometimes, a Policy Change is Just a Policy Change - Even at Yahoo - TLNT – When it came out that Yahoo was requiring all employees to report to the office starting June 1st, the media erupted with uproar. Some thought it was hypocritical of Mayer to do this she had just taken a short maternity leave herself (and worked through it). Others thought that a progressive tech company should have progressive workplace policies. But, when all is said and done, Yahoo needs to do what’s best for Yahoo. According to the data, ending telecommuting could be what’s best.

Seventy Five Percent of Job Applicants Do Not Hear Back from Employers – The Hiring Site – Not only is that statistic alarming, but not responding to applicants can hurt both the employment brand and the bottom line. Eighty-two percent of workers expect to hear back from a company when they apply for a job regardless of whether the employer is interested.  Over 30 percent of workers said they would be less inclined to purchase products or services from a company that didn’t respond to their application. Don’t forget that potential candidates are also potential customers and that you want your employees to also be avid fans of the brand and of the product/service you provide.

The Great Remote Worker Debate: The Only Two Things that Matter – The HR Capitalist – There are really two things to consider with this whole Yahoo, work-from-home craziness: “You should be trying to find ways to make your location specific, ‘in the office’ workers more productive,” and “you should be trying to make your remote workers more available in all ways to be part of teams, to collaborate and set the expectation that's a part of the role.” Those two sentences cut to the heart of how all this applies to your company and employees.

Candidate Experience vs. the Black Hole – China Gorman – Gorman argues the connection between quality of hire and quality of candidate experience, where a poor candidate experience (especially when it comes to the black hole) reflects badly on a company’s employment brand. Gorman also presents statistics from the 2012 Candidate Experience Report, which reveals that perspectives on feedback differ between candidates and employers.

What You Need to Know about Mobile Recruiting – The RPO Hub – If you haven’t yet thought about mobile recruiting, or adding mobile to your current social media recruiting or hiring strategies, then you ought to start right now. This is something that job seekers are already doing, so you could be missing out on great talent if you don’t have any way for these people to apply or to learn about you on a mobile device. Granted, there’s still some trial and error as to how to best do mobile recruiting but it is much better to lead the way than to follow the pack.

Why Can’t Your RPO Be Your MSP? – The Seamless Workforce – Do you have two different strategies for hiring employees and your non-employees workforce? If so, have you noticed that you employees and your temp staff are similar in experience and skillsets? The author argues here that one strategy, or a combination of the RPO and MSP strategies, could be sued to accomplish finding great talent for both types of workers.

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