HR Industry Trends: RPO News Roundup

by Allison Reilly

hr industry trendsLots of great RPO news this week, especially about HR industry trends and RPO industry trends. From what we’ve gathered, it’s going to be a great year for RPO, but not so much for recruiters and hiring in general. What do you think? Here is this week’s RPO news roundup, covering the latest HR industry trends and other topics relevant to those interested in RPO:

Saying You Can’t Find Talent is Like Saying You Can’t Find Anything to Watch on TV – – Is there really a talent shortage, or are you causing it somehow? Peter Cappelli, a professor of management and director of the Center for Human Resources at Wharton, suggests five reasons that this “talent shortage” might exist. Are your requirements for a ‘qualified’ applicant a little too strict, or are you unwilling to pay a great employee what they are really worth? Makes it seem that employers don’t really want to fill their positions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Disruption: A Closer Look – Seamless Workforce – Is social media recruiting a disruption in RPO services because it has essentially changed the recruiting business? That’s what Yoh is arguing in this blog post. Since few organizations have a key social recruiting strategy, or do not incorporate social media very well into their recruiting strategy, they will rely on RPO providers for help in this area. It’s essentially about the candidate experience, representing the career and personal values candidates are looking for, while offering a sophisticated recruiting approach that matches what people are currently doing in their search.

Job Recruiters Lack Mobile Edge, Study Says – Mashable – As if dealing with social recruiting wasn’t enough, it looks like mobile recruiting is the next frontier, and one that has arrived well before most were prepared. Not only are mobile-friendly features something that job seekers want, such as a mobile-friendly career site, the ability to search and to apply for jobs, and the ability to share/email jobs, but only about 10% have these capabilities in place. Does mobile recruiting need to be treated like a strategy all its own, or is it something that could simply be incorporated into a current social or recruiting strategy?

How to Lose Candidates and Alienate Prospective Employees – The Hiring Site – This article has six great tips on how to improve the candidate experience and offers excellent insight into a why a great candidate might turn down a job offer from your company. Hint: it all goes back to the employment brand, something that we’ve been talking about for a while now.

The State of RPO: 3 Predictions for Where It’s Going in 2013 – TLNT – I think the author actually offers four or five predictions, but this is an excellent article about where RPO is headed, and it’s in a great direction. The author predicts at least one RPO firm being acquired this year, while also suggesting that U.S hiring won’t be as robust as many will hope (which is a trend we’ve been seeing through our news roundups). Do you agree with these predictions? Do you perhaps have predictions of your own?

5 Wrong Reasons to Outsource Your Recruiting Functions – RPO Hub – Do you want to outsource your recruiting functions to save money, or because something isn’t working with your own recruiting processes and you’re unwilling to find the problem? If those are your reasons, then think again, as you probably won’t be satisfied with any RPO solutions you choose. Avoid further hassle and disappointment by learning the right, and the wrong, reasons to outsource your recruiting.


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