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6-Steps Process for Measuring Recruiting Metrics

By Monika Jansen Thu, Oct 30,2014 @ AM

How to Measure and Improve the Strategic Value HR Delivers. The role of HR is complex, far-reaching, and really important – especially when it coms to attracting and hiring new employees. Without fabulous new hires that can deliver and fit into the company culture, well, there wouldn’t be a company, would there? Bring that value to forefront by measuring the effectiveness of your recruiting process. Tricky as that sounds, it can accurately be measured. Just follow this six-step process:

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5 Must-Ask Recruiting Questions to Find Great Fit

By Monika Jansen Tue, Oct 28,2014 @ AM

Are we approaching recruiting, interviewing, and development all wrong? Not if we follow the tips in these five great articles, which include tips around recruiting – how to hire for results and improve social recruiting – interviewing – five must-ask questions to find a great fit – and development – cultivating passionate employees and changing our overall approach to staff development. 

Topics: talent acquisition, recruiting best practices