5 Reasons Employees Need to be Involved in Your Hiring Process

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Reasons Employees Need to be Involved in Your Hiring Process

Once upon a time, in Silicon Valley, some pioneering modern tech companies decided to experiment with a new hiring model, which was collaborative recruitment. This technology consists of involving the employees themselves in the recruitment process. Today, the collaborative recruitment model has made its way beyond the Valley and is now becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Here, we will look at the reasons why the employees need to be involved in the hiring process.

1) Improve the recruitment outcome

Employees are a company’s asset when it comes to attracting candidates.For talented professionals, the work environment and prospective colleagues are decisive points when choosing to either take or reject a job. By participating in a collaborative employee recruitment process, candidates interact and share their knowledge with current employees and this enables companies to show off their team and hire only the best.

Avoid unpleasant surprises: as candidates continuously interact with their future colleagues, they obtain a more realistic and complete vision of the future work, which does not allow for false hopes and candidates’ subsequent disappointments.

Having different points of view about a candidate reduces the risk of being biased: in collaborative recruitment, each candidate is evaluated by several employees at once. Such diversity makes the likelihood that the hiring manager will get carried away by prejudices, which are often unconscious but which greatly affect the selection of personnel.

The employees of your company know tasks candidates will need to work on: the team of an organization knows its tasks and therefore can identify a candidate that will potentially be able to deliver on the tasks. In addition, it is interesting for employees who are already working in the position offered or who will have direct contact with the new person to participate in a hiring process. These workers surely have a great deal of knowledge of the specifics and requirements for the position.

It improves the company’s image: if say, you share on social networks that your organization does collaborative recruitment, you will be communicating that your company relies on people. This is extremely positive when it comes to attracting the best talents.

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2) Enhance productivity and get inspired with new ideas

A new employee will adapt faster. As their colleagues have participated in the recruitment process, they will feel more responsible for the output of this person within the company. Therefore, it is very likely that they will help, teach and guide them in their new job.

The interviews and staff hiring, in general, are a source of knowledge for your employees: the experiences and knowledge about the candidate can inspire employees to generate new ideas and increase innovation in your company.

3) Boost employees’ retention rate

Your employees will stay with your company: by participating in a recruitment process, your team will learn more about the values and advantages of working at your company.This could potentially lead to a higher satisfaction rate of working at the company as well as to a higher employee retention rate.

In addition, if you introduce collaborative recruitment, you are sending a powerful message to your employees.You are telling them that you have them in mind when making important decisions, which will increase the sense of community within the organization.

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4) Candidates will like what they see

When conducting an interview, your prospective candidates will constantly be assessing you and your company just like you will be assessing them. The thing is that most good candidates would like to find a workplace where they will work side by side with individuals they like and where they can help in making the company’s decisions. A collaborative hiring process could be a strong selling point, as your current employees will demonstrate that they are valued by being allowed to participate in a job interview process.

5) Strengthen company’s culture

There is no one but your employees who would know all the constituents of your company’s culture. If a prospective worker gets acquainted with your company’s employees beforehand, it will be possible for both parties to see whether the candidate will be suitable for the team.

About the author

Emily Watts is an HR manager with years of experience in this field. Currently, she works for an E-commerce startup. Emily is also a certified writer at Eduzaurus.com helping out marketing and HR students with academic works.

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