Assess Your Needs and Review Your Culture to Write a Job Description that Lands Top Talent

By Steven Dashiell Thu, May 25,2017 @ AM

A well written job description can engage the exact candidates your business wants, not just in terms of skill set, but in culture and purpose. Conversely, a poorly written job description can drive candidates away before they’ve even begun to understand the nature of your company and its goals.

What goes into an effective job description can differ from company to company. But there are a few best practices that can that can put your job description at the top of the heap and ensure that the right candidates are reading and responding to your ad.

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Nearly One-Third of Job Seekers Want an Honest Company Culture

By Allison Reilly Thu, Aug 28,2014 @ AM

A healthy company culture isn't just crucial to an organization's success, but it is also necessary in retaining and hiring the best employees. The employees that care about company culture, or who are good enough to get a job elsewhere, will leave your organization if they don't think the current work environment is a pleasant one. Potential candidates will also consider your organization's company culture when looking at where to apply and where to accept a job offer.

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HR Recruiting Resources, Hiring Statistics, and Other RPO News

By Allison Reilly Thu, May 01,2014 @ AM

How is your organization allocating its recruiting resources? Although many organizations may not specifically measure their recruiting resources, they aren't finite. Ensuring that your HR staff has the resources they need to fill positions, to fill them quickly, and to fill them with the best possible candidate, is easier said than done. This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup provides the latest information that will help you to allocate your recruiting resources more effectively.

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How to Add a Human Touch to Applicant Tracking Systems

By Allison Reilly Tue, Apr 01,2014 @ AM

Like many things in technology, and in life, you can't just "set it and forget it." Many things require constant attention in order to work well, and even a little human intervention from time to time. One of those things is the applicant tracking system, where it seems like you can set up the software and let it do all the work in sorting and picking your best candidates. But, technology isn't always perfect, and if you don't add a human touch to the work of your applicant tracking software from time to time, then you may miss out on a some awesome talent. Here's how you can add a human touch to your ATS and find a potential hire that the system may have missed.

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Industry Experience, Consulting RPO, and Other RPO News Stories

By Allison Reilly Thu, Sep 26,2013 @ AM

Advice is free, but it costs much more to use it. This week's RPO news story roundup is full of advice on how to find a job, on how to find a candidate, and how to view your recruiting process and outsourcing. Need some good advice, or would like to contribute some knowledge of your own, then perhaps the articles below can help.

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Evaluating your Job Posting Strategy

In spite of the trend toward referrals and networking, many situations in recruiting require job ad posting. HR personnel may implement a mandatory job posting policy as part of an employee requisition system to avoid problems with employment law compliance. When you have a lot of jobs to fill in a short timeframe, such as for a seasonal workforce or a large contract IT project, posting job ads is a necessity. You have to let people know about your openings and provide some information about the job and its requirements.

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RPO News: Job Postings and Employee Recognition

By Allison Reilly Thu, Apr 04,2013 @ AM

The top hiring, recruiting, and RPO news stories of this week primarily emphasizes improving your job postings and your employee recognition programs. One may take place at the beginning of the recruiting process, while the other comes towards the end, but both pieces are crucial to nabbing and to keeping the best talent at your company. Here’s what’s happening with job postings and employee recognition.

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5 Easy Things to Do to Improve Your Recruiting Process

By Allison Reilly Wed, Apr 03,2013 @ AM

Chances are you’re not alone in the struggle to find great candidates, to retain new hires, and to fill positions in your company. Although some of that can be attributed to the increased competition in getting the best, some of it may also be attributed to how things are done in the recruiting process. Perhaps, there are better ways to find great candidates, to retain those new hires, and to fill some of those open positions. Here are five easy things you can do to improve your recruiting process:

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3 Simple Tricks to Make Your Job Description More Effective

By Lamees Abourahma Wed, May 16,2012 @ PM

The job description is the starting point of recruiting. It's what candidates see first, and what recruiters use to find the perfect fit in their recruiting. How can you make your job description more effective in recruiting the right kind of candidates?

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