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How to Write an Effective New Hire Survey

By Allison Reilly Tue, May 13,2014 @ AM

A new hire survey is a questionnaire given to your new hire within his/her first 30 days. The point of the survey is to have them assess your onboarding process, everything from how they were referred to the position all the way to first-day orientation and the explanation of the company's benefits and procedures. Hopefully, your new hire surveys are effective in providing substantial feedback so that you can improve your onboarding and hiring processes. If they aren't, then here's how to write an effective new hire survey.

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How to Create an Awesome Career Page for your Website

By Allison Reilly Tue, Dec 31,2013 @ AM

It's New Year's Eve, and a great resolution for any employer is to have an awesome career page. Career sites were the source for 23% of all external hires in 2012, and not having one (or having a site that isn't well-maintained) is only hurting your chances of finding a great external hire. For 2014, employers should make it a point to have an awesome career page on their company website, and here's how to create one your company and employees can be proud of.

Topics: rpo companies, finding good candidates, innovative recruiting, career sites

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