The Best Tips to Attract Top Talent

by Carrie Kolar

We’re in a talent crunch, and competition for the best talent is fierce. In order to win the talent Hunger Games, companies need to have talent attraction strategies that will make candidates come to them, instead of the other way around. In this week’s RPOA Weekly, we take a look at the best tips to attract top talent, from long-term content strategies to the newest social media phenomenon.


The Six Habits of a Talent Magnet – Harvard Business Review - @HarvardBiz

Talent is the key to your business’s success, and leaders who cultivate and attract the right talent have a greater chance of making their businesses thrive. This article presents six habits of talent magnets, people who both attract top talent and have a knack for keeping them. These habits include getting to know the most talented people before you need them, creating and managing the right expectations, looking at candidates values and not just their skills, cultivating them over time, engaging in thoughtful and purposeful onboarding and mentoring them for success.

Attracting Top Talent with Content Recruiting – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

Do you want top-tier talent? Then create content that will attract them. This article introduces the concept of content recruiting, or recruiting by developing content to attract your perfect candidates. It delves into the types of content that companies can create, ranging from job descriptions to thought leadership marketing, and explores the long-term strategies that companies can use to benefit from content recruiting.

Attracting Talent – Bait and Catch – KNK Recruiting - @knkrecruiting

Hiring is a lot like fishing – you cast out a lure to specific pool, and hope that it returns a fish (or new hire) that meets your expectations. This article elaborates on the theme of recruiting-as-fishing by emphasizing the importance of using good quality bait. It recommends that recruiting professionals focus on their bait and environment rather than qualifications and cultural fit to find the best talent for their positions, and offers a list of attractive bait options for top talent in the healthcare profession.

Writing Better Job Ads Will Attract Better Candidates – ERE - @ERE_net

Thanks to the internet, it’s now much easier to get your company’s job posting in front of candidates. However, this also means that your job posting is competing with thousands of others that are using the same medium. This article focuses on improving the job ads themselves as a way to gain more traction and attract a better quality of candidate. Recommendations for improving job ads include ensuring that the job title is understandable, ensuring that the benefit to the candidate is clear, adding a logo, separating required and desirable skills, and including salary information in the ad.

5 Ways to Use Periscope to Attract Talent by @susan_vitale – SourceCon - @SourceCon

Periscope is still a newcomer in the social media world, but that doesn’t mean you should discount it as a medium for attracting talent. This article recommends using Periscope to communicate your employer brand, and suggests five ways to do so. These include creating office video tours to share your company culture, broadcasting employee recognition events, offering “hiring tip” videos from your company’s hiring manager, creating employee “why I love my job” videos and sharing live videos of your company being involved with a local charity or community event.

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