Top Hiring and Recruiting News this Week

by Allison Reilly

hiring and recruiting news Here is a roundup of hiring and recruiting news this week that we feel would be of relevance to our readers. These articles come from other sites, as we cannot possibly cover anything and everything that would be of interest or relevance.

What 2013 Has in Store for Us: The Annual Hiring Forecast is Here
The Hiring Site – So, how does the forecast look for the year? It’s not bad, actually. Companies are in a better financial position than they were one year ago, and although over a quarter of hiring managers said that they plan to hire full time, permanent employees in 2013, some are still cautious regarding the global economy and slow recovery at home.

2013 Staffing Trends: Technology Will Drive Consistent Growth [Podcast]
The Seamless Workforce – There’s been little certainty in hiring and recruiting over the past few years, but in this interview with Don Hanson, Yoh’s Eastern region Senior Vice President, there’s one certainty in 2013 staffing trends: technology. Skilled degreed and professional labor in healthcare, the sciences, and information technology will have consistent labor demands in 2013, while the ongoing smartphone wars will drive innovation in telecom infrastructure and app development.

Facebook’s Directed Ads: A Game Changer for How We Recruit Talent
TLNT – We previously discussed the growing importance of social media recruiting, and this news article highlights a specific aspect that will make a huge difference. Facebook is currently testing a new product similar to LinkedIn’s Inmail, where members can pay money to send private messages to individuals they aren’t connected to. Sounds like a great new opportunity for companies to find new talent.

Business Activity to Increase in 2013, But Talent Shortage Still Exists
Marketnews – The U.S isn’t the only one dealing with staffing shortages, as Canadian companies are worried about being able to hire the best and brightest while having increased need and business activity. To solve the talent shortage, the survey suggested that investing in current employees to fill skill gaps, and finding ways to improve efficiencies and productivities in hiring.

12 Best & Most Ridiculous Employer Brand & Recruiting Videos
Blogging4Jobs – Have you considered creating video as part of your employment brand or recruiting efforts? If so, then take a shot or two out of some of these examples. These videos from companies like Rackspace, HubSpot, and Starbucks manage to capture what their company is all about, while doing something exciting and engaging in the video. Job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video, so this might be a worthwhile strategy for some.

Top 10 Tips to Kick Start Employee Engagement in 2013
Motivation Matters – Of course, you don’t want to lose anyone in 2013, or ruin your employment brand with unengaged employees. Get things started right with employee engagement by following these 10 tips. Have them provide feedback on everything from the previous year to current staff reward programs and company values.

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