RPOA Weekly: Job Market Update for March

by Carrie Kolar


The March jobs report is out, giving a snapshot of the state of employment in the United States. This episode of the RPOA Weekly presents articles from the New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and MarketWatch covering what the numbers mean for the economy, the Fed, and employers.

Employment Report – March 2017 – Bureau of Labor Statistics - @BLS_gov

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the March 2017 jobs report, with major highlights including a decline in the unemployment rate and job growth of 98,000. This press release includes statistics about the employment status of different groups in the U.S., parses employment trends by industry, and discusses March wage growth amid a continual growth trend. It also includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions, technical notes, and data tables so readers can consume the job information in multiple ways.

March Jobs Report – 10 Impacts on You, Including Falling Unemployment and Rising Wages – Forbes - @Forbes

The numbers are out – now what do they mean? This article argues that while the job growth and loss statistics in this report are disappointing, the overall picture of the job market is very rosy. It works through an overview of the results of economic policy in the last several years, and concludes by listing what the state of the job market means for the average American, including that people can expect to receive higher pay, job mobility will improve, employers will pay more for employee training and retraining, interest rates will go up, and the dollar will remain strong.

U.S. Jobs Growth Slumps to 98,000 in March – MarketWatch - @MarketWatch

Wage growth, retail loss and falling unemployment – these are only a few of the subjects covered in this overview of the March 2017 job report and its implications for the economy, average earnings and interest rate hikes. Discover which industry is shedding jobs, one of the biggest difficulties for employers, and whether the high job growth of the last couple months is sustainable given March’s lackluster performance.

Job Growth Loses Steam as U.S. Adds 98,000 in March – New York Times - @nytimes

Job growth in down in March, but so is the unemployment rate, making the response to the report a mixed bag. Learn what the March jobs report means for the Fed and the new administration, with discussions of both the details of the job report and the reactions of the White House, Wall Street, and the Fed. The article discusses the impact that the March jobs report may have on the Fed and interest rates, highlighting that the pressure is now on for April to go well.

Payroll Gains Slow, U.S. Jobless Rate at Lowest Since 2007 – Bloomberg - @business

The March 2017 jobs report is out, and reviews are mixed. While the economy added significantly fewer jobs than expected in the past month, experts are divided about whether that means the economy is slowing, or just returning to normal. Find out how the March jobs report breaks down jobs and wages in different sectors, and what the Fed and financial experts say that this month’s numbers mean for the overall economy. 

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