Future Challenges for Recruiting and Hiring

by Carrie Kolar

challenges_for_recruiting_and_hiringThere are challenges ahead as the recruiting and talent acquisition industry adapts to a changing landscape. In this week’s RPOA Roundup, we take a look at some of the challenges for recruiting and hiring that HR professionals will face in the coming years and take a look at the ways social media and mobile technology are molding the hiring and recruiting practices of the future.

Recruiting Challenges and How to Overcome Them: Part 2 – RPOA – @RPOAssociation

Higher employment and a more confident workforce is good, right? Not always for recruiters. Employees are more ready to change jobs, which creates two recruiting challenges: increased competition for candidates and greater difficulty in retaining employees. This article introduces these problems and presents a number of solutions for each, as well as discussing the importance of weeding out the low performing employees as early as possible. One bad apple can spoil a whole bunch.

Top 3 Challenges HR Executives Will Face Through 2020 – Yoh – @YohCorporate

It’s no secret that HR executives will face some tough challenges in the coming years. This article, based on a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), introduces the three biggest challenges facing HR Executives, as well as a number of lesser challenges that didn’t make the top three cut. It then delves into RPO as an option for taking the number one challenge off of HR’s plate, and allowing it to focus on the rest of the issues.

The Challenge for Mobile in Talent Acquisition – SHRM – @weknownext

Mobile technology is everywhere, and it has great potential for recruitment and talent acquisition.  However, the talent acquisition industry hasn’t really started to capitalize on this technology.  This article presents both the uses of mobile technology and why it hasn’t yet caught, breaking it down into two main reasons.  First, many organizations haven’t created the processes they need to integrate mobile technology into the recruitment process.  Second, while many recruiters understand the hiring strategies need to change, they aren’t willing – and often don’t have the budget – to implement the major shift in process and technology that going mobile would require.  Simply put, there’s not enough bang for the buck.

Big Challenges for Recruiting Leaders – The Top 10 Upcoming Recruiting Problems – ERE – @ERE_net

Change is coming for the recruiting industry, and recruiters need to proactively prepare or risk major damage to their organizations and companies down the road. This article presents the top ten upcoming challenges for recruiters, most of which spring from the proposition that recruiters aren’t prepared for the return of intense recruiting competition. It finishes up with a reminder to deal with current challenges as well – existing problems that aren’t dealt with can snowball, damaging your company and creating massive headaches.

The Challenges You Face Using Social Media Screening and Hiring Process – TLNT – @TLNT_com

Social media is a quick, cheap, and useful way to learn more about candidates and speed up the hiring process. What could go wrong? According to this article, the answer is a lot of things. The article examines the potential morass of legal complications that can arise from using social media during the hiring process, and the lack of specific regulation that make it all the more treacherous. Thankfully, it also suggests some concrete actions that organizations and their HR departments can take to lessen their risk of discrimination claims. Creating policies for social media use in hiring and detailed trainings and programs to make sure employees comply, developing a process for vetting outside recruiting organizations for social media risk, staying flexible, and using multiple resources (not just social media) to check up on candidates can all help protect from legal action down the road.

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