Project RPO, Efficiency Skills, and Other Hot Recruiting News

by Allison Reilly

project rpo recruiting newsChange is the only constant, although almost constantly we have a hard time dealing with change, managing change, or ensuring that changes benefit us instead of hurt us. In this week's hiring and recruiting news roundup, we focus on a variety of different changes that can take place in recruiting: change management, changes from the Affordable Care Act, and changes in how we interview and source candidates. Below are the hottest news articles in hiring and recruiting.

Communication, Change Management are Must-Have Skills for Executives

Nearly 43% of employees think they can do a better job of managing people than their own managers, reflecting the fact that almost one in two employees are working in an environment that is chaotic and inefficient. Improving that work environments means training managers and executives in four efficiency skills such as communication and change management. These skills specifically ensure that your managers and executives can do more than cut costs and know everything about the company. It's about being leaders and getting the best out of your team.

, nearly 43% of employees thought that they could do a better job of managing people than their manager could, - See more at:


, nearly 43% of employees thought that they could do a better job of managing people than their manager could, - See more at:

Short-Term Project RPO Perfect for Specific Recruiting Needs

Short-term project RPO is almost the opposite of enterprise RPO, where it's a shorter contract and only a partial outsourcing of a specific recruiting need. These specific recruiting needs include reaching a certain number of hires, helping one location or department, or handling only one part of the recruiting process. Short-term project RPO is also a good RPO solution for those who aren't completely comfortable with fully outsourcing the recruiting process, or who want to try RPO before committing to a longer and larger engagement.

Affordable Care Act Workarounds Trading One Challenge for Another?

The Affordable Care Act goes into effect October 1, and some companies are working to accommodate or to comply with the new law by reducing their full-time workforce to 50 employees or fewer to cut costs and to meet certain regulations. Companies that choose to do this will have to make up the human capital with part-time employees, independent contractors, and/or consultants, and this is where there's a trade off. Employee engagement isn't something that only applies to full-time employees, as it will also apply to this temporary workforce that will have a growing presence in your organization. You might save money on health care, but don't forget about what it's going to take to ensure the part-time folks and the consultants are just as engaged and productive as who you let go.

Effective Interview Techniques from the CEO of Accolo

John Younger, CEO of Accolo (an RPOA member), discusses three interview questions and how to apply them to every position on a candidate's work history. The answers to these questions will reveal what the candidate is about and why they took previous jobs in the first place. One things you want to look for when using this technique is if they've ever been referred to a position or pulled in because of their talents. This shows that the candidate knows what s/he wants to do, and that they are good at it.

How to Find Great Candidates Who Aren't on LinkedIn

Believe it or not, everyone isn't on LinkedIn and not everyone on LinkedIn has an current profile. This doesn't mean that those who aren't on the network are horrible candidates, it actually means that you're missing out on great candidates by making LinkedIn a number one source. Instead, do a little legwork and online research by looking elsewhere for good candidates. This short outline vets organizations after finding one potential candidate and also vets candidates for other great options in their network.

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