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2015 List of Recruiting and Human Resource Conferences

By Staff Writer Mon, Jan 19,2015 @ PM

2015-recruiting-and-human-resource-conferencesWelcome to our third annual list of recruiting and human resource conferences that will be taking place in 2015. Below, we've tried to provide as much information on each individual conference as possible, although it should be noted that some of the later conferences will probably have more information available nearer the time - so it may be worth checking the websites closer to the dates provided.

This list is in chronological order to allow you to keep track of how many recruiting and HR conferences there are for each month, giving you plenty of opportunity to attend one or two this year, network, learn, and hopefully take away something valuable from your experience.  

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Host Event Dates Location
GSMI Social Recruiting Strategies Conference  Jan 27-29 San Francisco, CA

For HR corporate recruiters, VP o of recruiting, recruiting leads, senior HR executives, VP strategy, satffing director, senior sources, social recruiting strategiests, VP/SVP HR, HR Directors/Managers, and other HR professionals. Learn key recruitment strategies, including how to recruit for retention, implement strategies on a budget, optimize your mobile recruitment strategies, make the most of social media, and much more.

HCI Workforce Planning and Talent Strategy Feb 23-25 Dallas, TX

An industry-leading conference designed to help you improve your business-driven people strategy for 2015 - and beyond. 

Workforce planning is essentiall to an organization's success, and the biggest challenge for companies is adapting to the various workforce types. Key issues that will be addressed in this year's conference include constructing a plan, creating the infrastructure for such plan, and considering external factors as part of your plan.
  Executive Forum March 16-19 Orlando, Fl

Learn new strategies for the next era in staffing, with a promising selection of keynote speakers that have guests attending year after year. The Executive Forum will inspire you to learn how to lead in different ways, and challenge the assumptions you're currently making about business practices. 

ERE SourceCon March 24-25 Seattle, WA
  Sourcing has changed greatly over the past few years, with recruiters using the Internet to find prospective talent. This year's premier sourcing conference will cove real tools and tactics you can use to ensure you always source the best of the best. Meet, network and learn all you need to know at SourceCon.     
PAW Predictive Analytics World for Workforce Mar 31-Apr 1 San Francisco, CA

At the inaugural Predictive Analytics World for Workforce Conference in San Francisco, a powerhouse gathering of the most innovative employers, consultants, and vendors will discuss how to proactively take full advantage of predictive analytics to strategically solve workforce challenges.

Includes an online introduction to predictive analysis, ways to make the most of Big Data, how to optimize the impact of your marketing, and plenty more to get your teeth into. 

HCI Human Capital Summit March 31- April 2 Orlando, FL

Learn how Human Resources is transforming into an entirely new creature, with revolutionized roles and more strategic business partnerships that align to help you achieve your business goals. 

ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo Apr 27-29 San Diego, CA

The perfect conference for leaders who manage a team, recruitment functions, budgeting, or strategy development. Find out more via this video.

This conference is going to features case studies and many hot trends in recruiting and human resources. These features include sessions on your employment brand, RPO, college recruiting, and retaining your best recruiters. If you register by Feb. 7, then you save $300 off the conference fee with the early bird discount. This conference is also restricted in-house recruitment and HR professionals. Any other roles in the recruiting industry need to call ERE regarding the participation opportunities.

SHRM Talent Managment Conference Apr 27-29 San Diego, CA

If you're a talent management or recruitment professional, this is the event for you. Get all the resources, tools and innovations to find the perfect solution to craft your human capital strategy. Sessions will cover topics like social media, global concerns, employee engagement, metrics, and productivity. Early bird registration runs through Feb. 14, while late registration starts Apr 4.

ASA Staffing Law Conference April 28-29 Washington, DC
  This is the only conference this year dedicated to the laws and regulations that apply to staffing companies, so if this is a concern for you then this is the conference that you must attend.     
HROA HRO Today Forum May 4-6 Philadelphia, PA

Learn how to build relationships, increase your profile and unlock new opportunities for your most productive workforce yet. As a result, your company will become more competitive, efficient and profitable. 

SHRM SHRM Annual Conference & Expo June 28- July 1 Las Vegas

This year's SHRM forum has some inspiring speakers, including COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, best-selling author Marcus Buckingham, and world-renowned surgeon Dr Mehmet Oz. The event heavily encourages networking and provides plenty of opportunities to collaborate with peers. 

NAPS NAPS Annual Conference Sep 28-30 Boston, MA
  Keynote speakers for the NAPS Annual Conference will be announced soon.    
LinkedIn LinkedIn Talent Connection Oct 13-15 Anaheim, CA

Back for another year, LinkedIn Talent Connect is all about networking and making the right connections for talent acquisition leaders and their teams. 

Currently, the pre-registration rate is $785. However, admission to this conference is limited to LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions corporate customers only. Staffing and search firms are not eligible for attendance. If you're not sure if you're able to attend, then it's best to contact your LinkedIn sales representative.


CWS Summit

Oct 19-20 Dallas, TX

Details will be released on this event shortly. Visit the conference website for updates.

OnRec Annual Recruiting Conference and Exibition Oct 21 London

OnRec's annual recruiting conference and exhibition is now in its 11th year, and will mainly cover the UK economy's impact on the recruitment industry, and the challenges many recruiting experts now face. 

This is the one and only international conference on the list, so if you're interested in how the recruiting industry is doing in the United Kingdom, then this is the event for you. Everything from social media to communicating with candidates will be covered in this one-day conference. The agenda isn't yet set, and registration has yet to open.
ASA Staffing World TBA TBA

Known as the biggest, most comprehensive annual convention and expo for the recruitment industry, Staffing World always attracts key speakers and industry leaders. Details still to be announced. 


HR Southwest Conference

Oct 25-28 Fort Worth, TX

The largest regional human resources conference in the US. More details to be released shortly. 

HRSourcing HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit TBA TBA
HR.COM Ongoing webinars and conferences Year long Online
   Online (throughout the year)    
RPOA RPOA Leadership Forum Year long Online
  Educational Webinars presented by recruitment process outsourcing providers on topics related to the RPO and recruiting industry    

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