Employment Story: Do's and Don’ts of Winning Top Talent

By Lamees Abourahma Thu, Feb 16,2017 @ AM

As competition for top talent becomes increasingly fierce, why is it that some companies like Google, Shopify, and Netflix don’t have much difficulty filling their candidate pipeline? Joel Capperella, founder of Capperella Strategies, LLC, a content marketing consultancy based in Pennsylvania, argues that companies’ future success in attracting top talent lays in their ability to communicate their employment story, or what it’s like to work for the company. In his recent RPOA webinar “The Employment Story: The future of recruiting and employer brand,” Capperella shares some of the biggest dos and don’ts for building an enticing employment story.

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Social Recruiting and How to Make the Most of It

Social media is a critical part of our lives today. It has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years and is used extensively by us in our professional and personal lives. However, making the most of the social networks is not something that everyone can do. With increased involvement in social media, businesses are now turning to this beloved medium for their recruitment needs as well. To get social recruitment right, there are many things to take care of.

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RPOA Weekly: Let’s Be Social: Recruiting Success with Social Media

By Carrie Kolar Tue, Aug 09,2016 @ AM

Social recruiting has changed the landscape of talent acquisition forever making it (for many organizations) the key for recruiting success. Is your organization onboard yet with implementing a successful social recruiting strategy? Here are a few tips to get you started and gear you towards recruiting success. In this week’s RPOA Weekly, we take a look at how to pair recruiting with social media, including how social media affects your employment brand, the best tactics for social recruiting, and how to play in the recruiting big leagues on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Tips and Trends in Social Recruiting

By Carrie Kolar Tue, May 03,2016 @ AM

Social media has taken recruiting by storm, providing a platform where recruiters, employers and candidates can connect long before the official hiring process. In this week’s RPOA Weekly, we take a look at the tips and trends in social recruiting, from employer branding to the newest sites and the changing face of LinkedIn.

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Content Recruiting: In-house vs. Outsourced?

By Carrie Kolar Thu, Mar 31,2016 @ AM

Recruiting is about capturing the right audience, and one of the best ways to target your perfect audience is through content recruiting. But once you’ve decided on to pursue content recruiting and fleshed out your strategy, who do you go to for strategy execution? In this article, based on RPOA webinar “Building Talent Communities with Content Recruiting” by Joel Capperella of Joel Capperella, LLC, we take a look at in-house versus outsourced recruiting, and qualifications you should look for in your content recruiter.

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RPO Experts Weigh in on Social Recruiting Strategy, Challenges and Trends

By Brent G Trotter Fri, Mar 25,2016 @ AM

Social media isn’t always the first place that talent managers think of when it comes to sourcing talent, but one might argue that in the near future, it might be. As of June in 2015, there are about 83 million millennials, which represents more than one quarter of the US population. That’s a segment of the population who is well-adjusted with social media. Understanding and engaging in that landscape is becoming increasingly important, if not mandatory for recruiting and staffing professionals.

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The Importance of Networking in Talent Acquisition

By Carrie Kolar Thu, Nov 12,2015 @ AM

Networking is an essential activity for both job hunters and recruiters. Both groups network to expand their contacts, job hunters in the hope that it will lead to a job opportunity, recruiters in order to fill their pipeline and find candidates and potential hires. In this week’s RPOA Roundup, we take a look at the importance of networking in talent recruitment as well as networking methods and best practices that both companies and individuals can use to find success.

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How Social Media can Drive Recruiting Success

By Carrie Kolar Thu, Aug 27,2015 @ PM

Recruiting is all about attracting the attention and interest of the right candidates, and social media provides numerous platforms that recruiters can use to interact and connect with potential candidates, display their brand and culture, and post about job openings. The many different options for a social media recruiting strategy can be overwhelming – should you use LinkedIn or Twitter? How often should you post? What should your content be like? In this week’s RPOA Roundup, we explore social media strategies, successes, and options to determine how social media can drive recruiting success.

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7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Success

By Carrie Kolar Wed, Feb 11,2015 @ AM

There is no doubt the U.S. labor market in 2015 will be highly competitive.

As demand for top talent increases and the pool of qualified candidates shrinks, hiring and recruiting in 2015 will be rather challenging. Last year, there were 46% newly created position with 800,000 of them being high-tech jobs. On the other hand, labor force participation by the end of 2014 – workers currently employed or who are actively looking for work – was the lowest since 1978. Candidates are in the driver’s seat feeling more comfortable leaving their current job and rejecting offers, making it harder to recruit and retain.

How do you recruit and hire in such a challenging labor market environment? John Younger, CEO of Accolo, a recruitment process outsourcing company, lays down a roadmap for recruiting success in a recent webinar titled, "a recruiter's roadmap to hiring success." Younger offers the follow seven recruiting strategies for hiring success.

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RPO Solutions, Social Media Recruiting and More Hiring News

By Allison Reilly Thu, Sep 18,2014 @ AM

We're almost into the last quarter of 2014, the busiest three months of the year. Of course, there are all the holidays, but these three months are also busy because many organizations are trying to meet end-of-the-year goals and preparing for the coming year. Those goals and preparations include hiring and recruiting, so this week's hiring and recruiting news roundup includes solutions and recruiting tips to help with this. We may not be able to clear your schedule so you can enjoy a little more holiday, but we can help make everything easier to balance.

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