New Research Report Highlighting the Modern Value of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partnerships

by Lamees Abourahma . .

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) is honored to announce the release of a new research report: Why Employers Value Modern Recruitment Process Outsourcing Relationships. 

The report is based on the 2022 Lighthouse Research & Advisory RPO Value Insights study, underwritten by the RPOA. The study emphasizes the current value employers get from recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and highlights opportunities for gaining the best and most successful long-term results. 

For RPO providers, the study shows what employers are looking for in a partnership and the employers' priorities in selecting an RPO partner. Furthermore, the study uncovers opportunities for RPO providers based on misalignments between the services they offer and those expected by their customers. 

"The insights from this study benefit RPO providers, RPO buyers, and employers considering partnering with an RPO firm." said Lamees Abourahma, Executive Director of the RPOA. ”We’re proud to drive this groundbreaking study to provide our members with the market intelligence they strongly desire.”

The study was conducted online in Q3 2022 and is based on survey responses from more than 500 US-based talent acquisition decision-makers from employers with a minimum of 100 employees representing all industries and company sizes.

"The study produced amazing data and trends that every RPO organization will want to see. The insights and the research will enable RPO providers to align their services with the needs of their customers,” said Joe Marino, Chief Operating Officer, Hueman People Solutions

The report benefits existing RPO buyers because the study shows the positive return on investment their peers gain from their RPO partnerships. And for employers considering partnering with an RPO, the study illustrates the results of working with an RPO and helps them know whether partnering with an RPO provider is the right move for them.

In the last few years, employers have created an incredible number of jobs, but talent supply for those jobs has become scarce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), companies are creating jobs at new and higher levels, but these employers struggle to hire talent because of a small pool of talent. Additionally, employers are dealing with a new reality of candidate ghosting, where candidates don’t show up for an interview; don’t show up for a job after accepting an offer, or consider other offers after starting a new position and sometimes leave for a different role less than a week after starting that new position.

The current situation has caused many companies to partner with RPO firms that align and embed themselves into that company's hiring process. In other words, the employer shifts tactical recruiting work to the RPO firm so that the employer can focus on business strategy and the core operations of its business.  

“The firms that are using RPO providers to support or fully perform all hiring activities see some very tangible benefits, both at a tactical and strategic level,” says Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “It’s the goal of this report to unveil some new research that demonstrates from the talent/business perspective just how valuable those RPO relationships are.” 

Access the report at

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