RPOA Co-Sponsors 2013 Recruiting Channels Survey

by Lamees Abourahma . .

As the number of channels available to recruiters for sourcing candidates continues to grow, it has become more difficult to gauge which ones are delivering the best candidates. So where should recruiters focus their time and energy in 2013?

Software Advice, which writes reviews and buyers guides for recruiting software, has created a short seven question survey co-sponsored by RPO Association, and we need your help.

Answer the seven-question survey and you could win an iPad Mini! But be quick, the survey closes April 9th!

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The recruiting world is changing rapidly. Whereas sourcing and hiring was once under the exclusive purview of the HR department, social channels have democratized the entire process. Everyone now has a voice. Recruiters now have the option of utilizing social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to source candidates--and even current employees can now post job vacancies to their personal social profiles.

But are quality candidates applying through these new channels? Or should recruiters stick to more traditional methods such as job boards, job fairs, the company careers page, etc?

To help navigate the evolving recruiting landscape, recruiters need to know where to focus their efforts. The results of this survey will help in-house recruiters and recruiting agencies prepare for a future that will undoubtedly be affected even more by technological innovation. Please let us know where you’re getting your best candidates!

Take the survey now! 

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