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The RPOA Partners with Aberdeen on Talent Acquisition Research

By RPOA Staff 12/21/17 12:20 PM

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association has recently partnered with Aberdeen to bring our members market research insight on talent acquisition, and offer you the opportunity to participate in surveys contributing to this research. 


Stay Connected and Keep Clients Informed in the Wake of a Disaster

By RPOA Staff 10/23/17 5:00 AM

Recruitment process outsourcing firms (RPOs) sometimes have the daunting task of reducing the time-to-fill for their clients, and this challenge is not excused even for a natural disaster. Open jobs can cost employers thousands of dollars when unfilled and RPO firms are compensated for the quick turnaround of their service. When natural disasters such as seasonal hurricanes hit, RPOs need to work through their deteriorating work environment, service their clients, and keep communication channels open.


Advice to Keep Your Business in Action During a Storm

By RPOA Staff 10/19/17 10:11 AM

During our last coverage of disaster planning and management, we heard from People Science on their encounter with Superstorm Sandy and how business had to continue on, despite several weeks of change. In this article, we look at another RPO’s brush with Hurricane Irma and offer some advice from the experts on keeping your company (and clients) afloat during a natural disaster.

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Staying Afloat: How One Recruiting Firm Weathered a Major Hurricane

By RPOA Staff 10/16/17 8:34 AM

Safety is the first priority when it comes to any natural disaster. However, the effects of a disaster can be felt long after the end of such an event. And even during such an event, businesses receive no pass. Business owners will need to find a way to keep the business moving during and after the storm, or incur heavy costs – or even worse, closure of the business.


Hueman's Culture-Based Recruiting Model Powers Strategic RPO

By RPOA Staff 3/23/17 5:00 AM

No longer are organizations searching for employees based on skill, know-how and tenure alone. Now, they’re focused on finding employees who are creative, passionate, collaborative and have strong character. In other words, companies are now looking at how to hire hearts instead of just heads. But, the recruitment industry has been slow to evolve to this model.

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Yoh’s Acquisition of DreamJobs Brings More Talent and More Capabilities to an RPO Leader

By RPOA Staff 2/2/17 3:16 PM

Yoh, a leading RPO provider and long-time RPOA member, recently announced the acquisition of DreamJobs, an Ohio-based recruitment solutions firm. The acquisition expands Yoh’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) capabilities and adds some of the industry’s most knowledgeable RPO leaders to the Yoh team. The combination of Yoh’s long-term success and the innovations of the DreamJobs team, is a great marriage of recruiting leaders. 

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Mynt Consultants: A Global RPO Consultancy with a Passion for Advancing the RPO Industry

By RPOA Staff 1/27/17 1:31 PM

Mynt Consultants is a dynamic consulting agency with a fresh approach to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).  Mynt Consultants plays an essential role in the RPO marketplace, serving both buyers and providers and bridging the gap between the two communities.  Founded in 2015, it is a young company whose principals have many years of experience in the RPO industry.  The primary goal of the company is to provide timely employment solutions to assist organizations in hiring and retaining talent.


The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) Announces New Advisory Board

By RPOA Staff 1/23/17 8:36 AM

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA,) a membership association for RPO companies and the leading provider of resources on RPO, appointed industry leaders to the advisory board to help shape the strategic direction of the association.

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About Talent: Bringing Heart to the RPO Industry

By RPOA Staff 11/30/16 5:00 AM

About Talent’s name says it all. About Talent is a workforce solutions company that specializes in planning, identifying, acquiring, and managing talent. Backed by a parent company that is recognized for its industry-leading culture and engagement programs, About Talent delivers a culture-focused recruitment methodology that is revolutionizing the RPO industry.

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Novotus: Redefining Partnership and Changing the Game in RPO

By RPOA Staff 10/7/16 6:05 AM

Novotus, recently acquired by military recruiting giant Orion International, is positioned for growth in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) market as it leverages its parent company's reach, infrastructure, and capabilities. Novotus (Latin for “change, alter or reinvent”) operates on the keystone principle that a deep partnership with clients is the key to providing the best possible workforce.

The company was founded in Austin, Texas in 2002 by Mike Mayeux & Jimmy Taylor, whose goal was to reinvent the way vendors partnered with their clients to provide successful recruiting outcomes - by putting people at the center of their delivery solutions. Committed to the growth of Novotus, and the recruitment process outsourcing industry in general, Mayeux and Taylor were two of the co-founders- and active members- of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, the leading organization for education and resources for RPO community. 

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