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Can RPO enhance workforce diversity?

By Joshua G Rodriguez Thu, Oct 24,2019 @ AM

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace are more important than ever before. According to a PWC survey, “Globally, organisations are committing to D&I at higher rates than ever, with 87 percent of respondents indicating that D&I is a stated value or priority for their organisation.”

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Are you in the Know with Diversity Recruiting?

By Michelle (Shelly) Wallace Johnson Mon, Jan 07,2019 @ AM

It is a known fact that diversity recruiting has been a high priority amongst most talent acquisition professionals and organizations. Many people will agree that diversity is good for business. Not only bringing fresh ideas, but various perspectives as well.

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8 Ways to Close the Gender Gap

By Guest Tue, Sep 18,2018 @ AM

With the growing Me Too movement, the pay gap between men and women in the workforce is being brought into the spotlight. In 2015, American women working full time were paid 80% of what their male counterparts made on average, creating a pay gap of 20% (AAUW 2017). Some companies are striving to close the gender gap and have found that what they perceive and what is reality can be two very different things. Here are seven tips to help a company find balance in their workforce.

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