Advice on Adapting Your Talent Acquisition Strategy from Advanced RPO's President

By Lamees Abourahma Fri, Sep 23,2016 @ AM

How can companies compete for talent in a highly competitive job market? As the U.S. economy continues to add hundreds of thousands of new hires each month, the pool of candidates continues to shrink. Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 151,000 in August, and the unemployment rate remained at 4.9 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment continued to trend up in several service-providing industries. In a previous edition, we learned about the conditions of the job market in 216 from the perspective of professional recruiters. 

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Advanced RPO's President Analyzes the 2016 Job Market Conditions

By Lamees Abourahma Thu, Sep 22,2016 @ AM

“The number one reason companies succeed, struggle, or fail is who they hire,” according to John Younger, co-founder of the RPOA. But hiring is becoming extremely competitive in the current U.S. economy. Job openings increased to their highest levels ever in July 2015, with reported 5.8 million open jobs according to U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Within the industries, the largest increases between 2014 and 2015 were in real estate and rental leasing (37.8%); health care and social assistance (25.5%); and professional and business services (24.6%). See the full industry list here.

What are the current job market conditions from a professional recruiters' perspective? In this edition of #AskAnRPOExpert, Pam Verhoff, president of Advanced RPO, describes the job market from her experience working with RPO customers across industries in the country.

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RPO Experts Talk: Health Care, Social Media, Technology, and Solution Models

By Lamees Abourahma Tue, Jun 14,2016 @ AM

What are some of the current trends and challenges of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)? We asked a few RPO experts for their insight on topics including health care RPO, social media recruiting, technology, and RPO solution models. In this edition of #AskAnRPOExpert we present a roundup of these latest conversations, a must-read list for RPO professionals. 

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Pam Verhoff Talks Recruiting Challenges and RPO Solutions

By Lamees Abourahma Thu, May 26,2016 @ AM

As recruitment process outsourcing has been evolving over the past couple of decades, RPO delivery models have been changing and RPO engagements have become more defined. In this edition of our #AskAnRPOExpert series based on an interview with Pam Verhoff, Advanced RPO President, Verhoff explains common challenges of RPO customers and types of engagement.

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Taylor Strategy Partners Talk Healthcare RPO Trends

By Lamees Abourahma Fri, Apr 29,2016 @ AM

Continuing last week's conversation on the topic of healthcare RPO, in this edition of our #AskAnRPOExpert series we discuss trends, engagement types, and words of advice for organizations considering an RPO solution, with RPO expert Mike Muzi, VP, Managing Director of RPO at Taylor Strategy Partners.

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RPO Expert Matt Baker Talks Healthcare Recruiting Benefits

By Lamees Abourahma Fri, Apr 22,2016 @ AM

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labour Stats in December of 2016, the top 3 (and 6 out of top 20) most new jobs are heathcare jobs. With the increased demand of heathcare jobs, health care service providers will have increased challenge of finding qualified candidates, and will need more aggressive and innovative recruiting solutions to meet demands.

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RPO Experts Weigh in on Social Recruiting Strategy, Challenges and Trends

By Brent G Trotter Fri, Mar 25,2016 @ AM

Social media isn’t always the first place that talent managers think of when it comes to sourcing talent, but one might argue that in the near future, it might be. As of June in 2015, there are about 83 million millennials, which represents more than one quarter of the US population. That’s a segment of the population who is well-adjusted with social media. Understanding and engaging in that landscape is becoming increasingly important, if not mandatory for recruiting and staffing professionals.

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RPO Experts Talk Technology and Its Influence on Recruiting

By Brent G Trotter Fri, Mar 04,2016 @ AM

Technology has changed many aspects of the human resources industry. Its had an especially powerful impact on recruiting. From more advanced applicant tracking systems to creating more transparent applicant-employer relationships. In this new series, we interview experts about the compelling issues facing the industry today.

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