2018 List of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Conferences

By RPOA Staff Sun, Jan 07,2018 @ AM

The conference scene for talent acquisition professionals is very active in 2018. With over two dozen sourcing and recruiting conferences with different focus areas ranging from social media recruiting, to nonprofit talent acquisition, to executive forums expanding the nation’s top destinations, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

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#RPOA WEEKLY: 10 Best Recruiting Stories of 2017

By RPOA Staff Wed, Dec 20,2017 @ AM

As a talent acquisition professional you need to stay informed of topics affecting your work environment. Finding, attracting, and engaging top talent that drives business value to your organization is becoming a complex discipline pivoting from human resources into leadership, marketing and business development, all of which have a technology spin that’s further adding to this complexity.


Why Smaller Businesses Should Outsource Their Recruiting

By RPOA Staff Tue, Nov 21,2017 @ AM

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), just as IT before it, evolved from increased complexity in the space. Today, in order to effectively recruit top talent for an organization, you need to navigate the existing labor market, become proficient in a relevant set of technologies, and nurture  candidates, hiring managers, and the employer brand. Some of the biggest recruiting challenges organizations face include finding talent, hiring manager satisfaction, managing candidate experience, responding to scalability needs, performance reporting, and developing and maintaining the employment brand.

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#RPOA Weekly: Latest on Talent Acquisition Technology

By RPOA Staff Wed, Nov 15,2017 @ PM

Technology is arguably the single most important factor that is contributing to the complexity of daytime recruiting. Keeping up with advancements in recruiting technology is essential in competing for potential talent.

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RPOA Weekly: Recruiting Technology and Trends in a Hot Labor Market

By RPOA Staff Tue, Jun 06,2017 @ AM

What's on your recruiting dashboard today? In this #RPOAWeekly we present articles that cover factors affecting your recruiting environment including the latest jobs report, HR technology reviews and trends, and some recruiting best practices. 

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RPOA Weekly: Ways to Sculpt Your Company Culture

By RPOA Staff Tue, May 23,2017 @ AM

Company culture is displayed in many ways, such as the opportunities afforded to employees, a fun and breezy atmosphere, or the level of independence given to an individual working on a project. However, not all believe employee happiness leads to the most effective business results. In this week’s #RPOAWeekly, we look at some of the decisions that must be made when formulating a company culture.

Learn more about creating company culture by joining us for Hueman’s June 7 webinar “Culture Fit Disrupted.” Hueman CEO Dwight Cooper and Vice President of Marketing Sarah Palmer will explain what HR means by company culture and how to hire for it, netting you a larger bottom line.

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Move Your Recruiting Efforts From ‘Post and Pray’ to Targeted Engagement

By RPOA Staff Thu, May 18,2017 @ AM

Corporate branding has grown as an area of importance for businesses and the way hiring takes place is evolving to match. Rather than a "post-and-pray" or “fire-and-forget” method of recruiting, where generic job descriptions are cast like a wide net, many businesses are beginning to understand the value of more specific recruiting efforts. Instead of pulling in dozens of different varieties of candidates, they catch a few select prize winners.

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Social Recruiting and How to Make the Most of It

By RPOA Staff Fri, Jan 06,2017 @ AM

Social media is a critical part of our lives today. It has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years and is used extensively by us in our professional and personal lives. However, making the most of the social networks is not something that everyone can do. With increased involvement in social media, businesses are now turning to this beloved medium for their recruitment needs as well. To get social recruitment right, there are many things to take care of.

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Building a Recruiting Program?  4 Key Steps to Consider

By RPOA Staff Thu, Jun 23,2016 @ PM


The business world is one that is continually changing, but one thing that is perpetual in business is the fact that you need the best employees available to grow and succeed. 

And how do you get the right employees? You come up with a bulletproof recruiting strategy that enables you to build a collection of talented people that can make your company a force to be reckoned with from the bottom up.

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Top Recruiting Metrics Your Company Must Track Today

By RPOA Staff Thu, Jun 02,2016 @ AM

The goal of any good recruiting program is to locate and hire the best talent out there. The process can be long and time consuming, and it’s important to assess whether or not your tactics are paying off in the long run. Here is a list of metrics that can help you evaluate the success of your recruiting program, or to show you where the faults and weaknesses are so that you can correct them. Understanding how to make these numbers work for you is critical to ensuring a solid recruitment plan for your company.

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