Highly Successful Recruiting, RPO at 10 & Other Hiring News

By Allison Reilly Thu, Feb 27,2014 @ AM

What does it take to be a great recruiter, or even to find great recruiters for your organization? What does it take to create the results that your clients and colleagues want? This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup answers these questions, outlining some of the best practices and mindsets for successful recruiters, recruiting, and employee engagement.

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Evaluating your Job Posting Strategy

In spite of the trend toward referrals and networking, many situations in recruiting require job ad posting. HR personnel may implement a mandatory job posting policy as part of an employee requisition system to avoid problems with employment law compliance. When you have a lot of jobs to fill in a short timeframe, such as for a seasonal workforce or a large contract IT project, posting job ads is a necessity. You have to let people know about your openings and provide some information about the job and its requirements.

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4 Top Recruiting Challenges for 2013

By Allison Reilly Tue, Feb 26,2013 @ AM

We’re already a month and a half into the New Year, where some of us may have no problem hiring, while others are still struggling to fill a position or two. If you’re in the latter group, perhaps you’re encountering some of the big recruiting challenges that are affecting many employers. Here are the four recruiting challenges you’ll have to overcome this year:

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Planning for Recruiting in 2013 Starts with One Word

By Lamees Abourahma Wed, Nov 28,2012 @ AM

If you haven’t started planning for 2013, and you think it’s OK because hiring this year has been slow, you should think again. And the one word you should be thinking about is: talent.

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Setting the Foundation for a Successful Social Recruiting Strategy

By Allison Reilly Thu, Oct 25,2012 @ AM

You would think that social media is the foundation for a successful social recruiting strategy, but that foundation is much more than having a few profiles online. It’s also about what you present to the world, who you’d like to present to, and how that presentation is deployed. Before you start social recruiting, you need to know where to start, and how to start in a way that ensures success. Below are the key elements in the foundation of a successful social recruiting strategy.

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Social Media is Crucial for a Successful Recruiting Strategy

By Allison Reilly Fri, Oct 19,2012 @ PM

It’s safe to say that social media has changed everything about mass communication. Not only has mass communication gone digital, but we are now connected with many more people than ever before. Social media is today’s printing press, empowering not only the general public to say what they have to say, but also businesses and recruiters. Using this modern printing press to get the word about open positions, to find great candidates, and to build your employment brand is new to everyone, yet critical to a successful recruiting strategy.

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4 Best Tips for Successful Social Recruiting

By Allison Reilly Fri, Oct 05,2012 @ PM

Social media and recruiting is the next gap to bridge in hiring and recruiting, the next frontier in finding great candidates better and faster than your competitors (and turning those candidates into employees). However, as the next gap to bridge and the next frontier, there's still a lot to learn in social media and recruiting. Developing a successful social media recruiting strategy is still an experiment, a process of trial and error. To establish your social recruiting strategy and to facilitate that process, here are the 4 best tips we have for successful social recruiting:

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Establishing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

By Lamees Abourahma Thu, Sep 13,2012 @ PM

An Event Announcement: Join us for a Webinar on Wednesday, September 26th @ 11am EST

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Our upcoming webinar, Establishing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy, co-hosted by Joel Capperella of Yoh and Lamees Abourahma of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, will explore the important factors to consider when integrating social media into your recruiting strategy.
This live webinar will cover:

  • Critical factors when considering social media
  • How to set the appropriate foundation
  • Execution Framework
  • Tool Consideration

Title: Establishing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy
Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

We hope to see you there!

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Meet the Presenters:

Joel Capperella

Joel Capperella has more than 19 years of experience developing value-added solutions that solve a broad array of workforce challenges. Placing the needs of the workforce management community central, he has consistently and successfully introduced innovative technologies and services into the appropriate marketplaces. Joel is frequently invited to share his insight to a wide variety of communities and publications. His works have appeared in an assortment of media outlets, including, The Federal Times, CRM Today, Computerworld, Retail Merchandiser and Talent Management. He holds a B.S. from the University of Delaware, and has completed graduate level coursework in philosophy and theology. Joel lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife and five children.

Lamees Abourahma

Lamees serves as the Executive Director for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association. She is the founder and president of Webbright Services, an internet marketing company. In addition to her committment to her business and clients, Lamees contributes to the community in many ways. She founded one of the MOMS Club chapters in South Carolina, and earned a Member Recognition Award from Richland Sertoma Club. She is passionate about mentoring college students through internships and college programs. In giving back she is energized and sees positive impact on both her client work and personal life. Lamees is a wife, a mother of two, and a Canadian who revels in her summer vacations north of the border!

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Evaluationg Your Recruiting Processes: The CORE Methodology

By Lamees Abourahma Mon, Jul 30,2012 @ AM

Recruiting can be challenging for a lot of companies. But, for large companies, or companies experiencing a lot of fast growth, recruiting can be even tougher. With so many open positions to account for and talent to source, things can easily become inefficient as people and positions slip through the cracks.

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Recruiting Best Practices: How to Deal with a Long Candidate Search

By Lamees Abourahma Mon, Jun 25,2012 @ AM

There are many reasons companies outsource their recruiting to an RPO provider including finding better candidates, reducing cost and time-to-hire. However, what happens when the RPO provider is not finding that candidate for a while; in particular, when the search is taking more than 60 days? As the search lingers, most likely moral is going down and frustration is building up. Not a good situation. How should the RPO provider deal with this situation? Mike Mayuex, Founder and CEO of Novotus, proposes a solution that “amazingly seem to put everyone back on the same team again. It is human nature to look for someone at fault when things are getting bad, but it’s good business leadership to pull the team together and get them working toward a solution.”

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